Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Well I'm sad to say there's nothing much for me to report. Without my camera I simply feel at a loss for good blog posts. Michael and I jumped back into the grind of the week. It's a shame that the work week always comes back. Just when you think it's the weekend and you'll have so much time, you're back at your desk. Stinks! Anyway, I'm just relaxing tonight. My visiting teachers came by tonight, and I must say, after our conversation (one of them is a nurse) I'm a little nervous. She was telling me about the Health Region's preparations for the future. Apparently they're talking about a pandemic...not if, but when. It's a little alarming. She's sending me this email containing some more info from the Health Region, but needless to say I'm all of a sudden feeling very inadequate in my preparations for the future. I'll forward some more info on when I get it from her. It's more scary to hear those outside of our Church talk about such things. I somehow feel more nervous than I do when the Prophet tells us about it. That sounds bad, but I think it's just because we've been hearing it for years from Church, and not so much from the world. So my 72 hour kit, water supply, bleach supply (apparently), among other necessities needs to get started. It's hard with no extra cash floating around, and no room to store anything, but I'll figure something out. Prepare, prepare, prepare! I need to get working on that.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday, Monday!

Well it's my blessed Monday off, and after my week with the girls, there is a lot of catching up to do around my place. So that's what my day has been filled with. Not too exciting, but necessary. Michael's been busy today with a bunch of things. We're trying to sell our car so he was out getting it washed and trying to take some pictures. Now, our camera is...shall we say...special, in that it's very hard to work. We know we need to get a new one, but it wasn't too high on the priority list until today. Michael came home and showed me what he had done in a moment of rage against the camera that wouldn't let him take a picture. He ran over it with the car. Yes, he put it under the tire, ran over it, and backed over it again. Needless to say, we can now see the inside of the camera very well and will now have an extremely hard time trying to take any pictures with it. I was most upset because I would no longer have any new material for my blog. The ironic thing is that I would have liked to take a picture of it so you all could now see what it has become...but alas that cannont happen. So that item has now jumped up on my priority list. What a punk hey? He said he felt bad about it after, but was just so mad at it while he was doing it. Anyway, I've now moved onto laundry, and Michael's doing the grocery shopping so by the end of the day things should be back up and running around here. It'll be very nice to start the work week with everything in order. I like order. Oh, and I am officially welcoming Emily to our crazy world of blogging!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


First and foremost, I need to recind the comment I made last about The Da Vinci Code movie being better. I meant to say that I agreed with Britt about the book being better, but in my tired state of mind, I typed the wrong thing. The movie was good, but the book is better. There, I feel much better now. Anyway, it's now Saturday, and I slept in this morning which felt wonderful I must say. Michael and I bought a mattress topper that we're very excited for, but it's decompressing at the moment and won't be ready for a little while, but I'm sure our sleep will be awesome as soon as it's done! Lara and Sean got back from Hawaii on Thursday night...check out the pics...and so Michael and I are now home. It's nice to be home and back to life the way we know it. The girls were very good, and I had fun with them! I'm sure they are so happy to have their life back the way they know it too! Yesterday Heather and Gannon got into town, and it's always so nice to have them back, if only for a little while. I think we're all trying to hit X3 tonight. Should be a good one. We'll have to see if we can make it happen. If Michael had his way we would have been there last night, but babies and movies are sometimes hard to mix.

I don't have any fun pictures right now, but I'll get some over the weekend. Tomorrow Cyndi, Emily and I are singing in Relief Society, and the whole Palmer/Draper clan is singing in Sacrament Meeting. Wish us luck! Well I just thought I'd fill you all in a little before getting ready for the day. I've noticed a little lull in all of the blogging activity. Lets pick it up everyone!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Could I be anymore tired? (said like Chandler)

Well I'm sure some of you thought that I had fallen off the face of the earth. I'm here at Lara and Sean's house while they're in Hawaii, and Michael and I are here with the girls. First and foremost...GOOD JOB all of you mothers out there. This is tough. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. It's hard to go from total freedom, to bondage...ok, not bondage, but the girls are certainly keeping me on my toes. So Michael and I, in our defense, have figured out that we are going to run the girls hard all day, so they crash at night. So far, so good! The first night we played on the tramp with the sprinklers, the second night, we got a babysitter and went out for our belated anniversary. We saw the Da Vinci Code too!! I agree with Britt, the movie is better, but the for the time restraints, they did very well. It was great! Then we went to dinner at Outback, where they took my favorite item off the menu...I was not impressed. Good thing I had had movie popcorn, and cotton candy!! Then Saturday, we went to the zoo. We had a great time! I'll post some video later. Then we met up with Erin and Scott and the kids at the mall for dinner. I have to say, great idea! They cook, and clean for you! All you have to do is throw it away! GENIUS! Then, since they were wiped, bedtime was not bad. Today, we took the girls to our ward, and I'm pleased to say, we were ontime. Liv slept through most of our class, and then woke up to pass aroung the rice krispie treats Sommer and I made for them. This afternoon, we spent most of it outside. We took a little bike ride, where Liv insisted she run most of the way. We didn't argue! The more energy she uses, the better. We then hung around outside for a while and watched Michael try to get the RC truck going. We went in for snacks, and the girls were both asleep by 9:00. Not too bad at all. So Michael and I are going to watch a movie without being crawled on by little people, or asked for treats, or running anyone to the potty! YEAH!!!! Hopefully there will be a few more quiet moments like this one before Lara and Sean are home! All I have to say is that it's good kiddies come one at a time, and small!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here's the picture of the little cheerleader in our family. This one's for you Britt!


The Gala, the bunny and Mother's Day

I'm back again with a few things to cover as I have not made it on here enough this week at all. First, we went to a triward Spring Gala, which I'm sure I made out to be more exciting than it was. There was dinner, a big band, a magician, and a little comedy skit. All in all, it was a great time! I couldn't get a lot of pictures though because NO ONE else was taking them so I would have been the lone flash in the audience, and those always bring unwanted attention, but I did what I could.
I also got to dance with Keith Wood, Emily's grandpa, after Michael offered me! He was a great dancer, and a wonderful man. Michael and I danced a little, and then helped clean up. The band was great, and they'll be returning for a valentines ball next year. Should be fun!

Well as the title suggests, we have a bunny! We don't really HAVE a bunny, but there is one that lives right outside our house. We have come home a few times to find him sleeping in our planters. It's so cute. He's growing so fast, and I'm sure it won't be as cute when he's huge and running around all over the place, but for now we like him.

Well Mother's Day was great! We suprised mom with a hammock for her deck. I think she likes it! We had dinner over there and then went for dessert at Kevin and Cyndi's. Chocolate fountain with fresh fruit....mmmmmmm.....thank you Cyndi. Here's picture with me and all of the kids. Funny how I didn't actually take a single picture of a mother hey? We did get good footage of the suprise for mom, so I'll have to see if I can get that on here somehow.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Michael and Melinda

I thought I would just post some pictures that I really like of us. We're off to the ward gala tonight, so I'll take the can be sure of that!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Some catching up

Since I seem to recall that there were some things that happened to us in life before there were blogs...I thought I would take the opportunity to back track. These are some special pictures of great events that have happened over the last little while.

This was the weekend that dad got released as Stake President. They were fortunate enought to have Elder Oaks, and Elder Smith come to handle it all, and they both stayed at their house. We all got to meet them and chat with them for a little while, which I have to say was such a great experience. They also joined us for dinner on Sunday afternoon before heading off again.

Here's us the day we took some family pictures. We actually had never all been together since we were married.

This was truly an insane idea...but so funny.

I just think that this is a great picture of mom and her sons...finally.

And none of the pictures would have been complete without an updated shot of the Melchin clan.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

For you listening pleasure

This is back by my popular demand!

I'm Baaaaack!

Well it sure has been a long time since my last post...for me that is. The computer was "broken" and Michael had to "fix" it...again. He notices problems that I swear don't really exist, and then feels the needs to "fix" them, thus the delay in entry...sorry Heather...I know breakfast can be dull without a little light reading...hehehe. However, all is now well and I have returned. I wanted to update everyone on the weekend we had last. It was a pretty classic Saturday, I slept in, and Michael washed the windows of his parent's house. He came home before finishing, and I decided to go back with him to finish up. Well they have a 2 storey walk out home, which puts the top floor pretty high from the ground. So we decided to borrow a ladder from a man in the ward, and the only one he had that would work was a 40 foot ladder. We thought...great, that will be fine. So we strapped it to the top of the truck and drove it back, and then tried to set it up at the side of the house. Well wielding the strength of this ladder was a feat in and of itself. It was HUGE. We got it up, and the window washed, and then attempted to take it down. We were so dumb. There was no way that we could get this thing down. It was 20 feet in the air, and super heavy. So I tried standing on the bottom as Michael lowered the part in the air, but I wasn't heavy enough to keep it from sliding out from under me. That freaked me out, so we tried him standing on it, but it was too heavy for me to lower, so there we were...standing there...holding it up in the air. Finally his parent's neighbour came home and rescued us, but then Michael had to do the back, so we...stupidly, moved it to the back, and tried to get going on those windows. We got it up in the air again, and got some windows done, but also had to lower it once again. SO STUPID. Michael's advice if the ladder started to fall was just to get out of the way. Oh great...thanks. Well we finally got it down and needless to say, I refused to do anymore. So we waited for reinforcements. We found Kandice and her 2 guy friends and with all of us helping we were able to get the ladder situation working. Somehow, I'm not sure if all of that was worth the money. But what would our lives be without out insanely stupid moments? On a brighter note, I bought some decorations for my house, and I must say they turned out well, I think even Lara would approve. Well tomorrow's Friday...YAY...and then on Saturday, we have a gala to go to. Our ward is doing it and we have to dress up and everything. It should be fun, and you can count on pictures. Then Sunday is a big day. First and most importantly...our anniversary...2 years under our belts. Then of course Mother's Day and Grandpa Melchin's birthday. I will surely never forget his birthday. For those of you who can't remember, here's what we looked like 2 years ago...

Saturday, May 06, 2006


I thought I would post the slideshow I made for my parents for Christmas so that those of you who haven't had the chance to see it can! It was really fun. I gave it to mom with a whole box of kleenex and boy did she need them! It took a lot of time, and a few tears myself, but all worth it to see their reaction to the whole thing! Love you mom and dad!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hip hip hooray

Well it's finally Friday, and I have to say I'm pretty excited. It was a long week it seemed and I'm glad to have some time to myself again. I need to clean the entire house, but other than that, there aren't any real commitments I have this weekend. That's always nice! Well I was looking at Lara's blog just now and I noticed something so funny about one of the pictures of Erik and Hannah. Don't the captions fit perfectly for the tiny expressions, and even Hannah hands? I laughed pretty hard at this! Hope you find it as funny. For those of you who don't know, these are my sister Lara's and Erin's babies! There's another one, Sarah, their age in Utah! They are all darling.
Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to You!

Well today is mom's birthday and yesterday she threw us a party. Sounds like her doesn't it? We had a blast. She had a scavenger hunt for the kids to find thier goodie bags, we played the newlywed game with the adults (which Michael and I lost horribly) and we also danced the chicken dance. It was hilarious, the kids loved it and I think the adults enjoyed themselves more than they would care to admit. I got a little video clip I want to put on here, but I'm still working out how to do that. If anyone can lend some advice on that, I'd appretiate it. Heather??? She then treated us to chocolate molten lava cake...which was heavenly. It was truly a good time had by all! Thanks mom, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

This is Michael with our nephew Erik. Aren't they cute? Except Erik's one eye is wonky, but there aren't many pictures with Michael and the munchkins so I thought I better post it anyway!

And me with my Hannah grabbing my face. Cute girl! Those babies are sure fun to have around! This picture was actully taken by Matt who is in love with anything electronic. So my "cameeya" did the trick for him last night! Good work Matty!