Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas is Coming!

Well I figured it was time to get another set of belly shots up. It's getting harder and harder to take a picture that I like. Camera's don't lie, and I didn't realize that I was getting bigger...but I am. So, thanks to the help of Heather's photoshopping skills, I actually posted the pictures instead of hiding them forever. I'm getting scared to see what will become of me.

I'm getting very excited for all of the things that are going to be happening in our world in the next few weeks. December is my favorite month by far, and I feel like there's so much to do, and we have such a short month. I guess it is only the 2nd. As for the fun things I'm looking forward to. This week we have the beginning of the Christmas parties. Starting Wednesday with the R.S. one...then Friday for the work one...then Saturday for the ward one. The following week we have the arrival of Judy for BS'07 (our annual trip to Banff Springs Hotel for the night). We leave Friday for that. Then Heather and Gannon and the kiddies get here the next day. Then, it's my last week of work, the arrival of Kerri and Luke, and the Palmer's open house. Then the arrival of Cade and Amy and Brad and the kids. This Christmas will be crazy with family, and I'm so excited. The last time we were all together for Christmas, was before I was married...that's way too long.

As for new things in our lives. Michael started a new job. He's trading foreign exchange at night. It's HORRIBLE for right now. I go to bed alone and wake up and get off to work before he's awake. Then, we have a few hours at night together, unless I have other commitments...which I usually do...then we barely see each other. It stinks while I'm still working, but once this baby comes, it'll be WAY better. We'll get most of the day together. So, we're toughing it out until February when I can quit work. It's definitely a sacrifice, but it will pay off in the end. Baby girl Palmer is growing well and kicking me like crazy. My latest fun thing is to watch my stomach when she's doing this, and it's insane to see how much it moves. I LOVE it! We have most of the Christmas stuff up, but Michael insisted on restringing the lights, so the tree isn't decorated. This is the week to finish it though! I'm excited.

Well, I've rambled long enough. Michael's gone to work so I'm alone and bored. Can you tell?

Yes, these were both taken on the same night, but I like this one better, and the one below is better of the, you get them both!