Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vinyl orders for Christmas

Just so you know, if anyone is interested in ordering anything for Christmas...get your orders in right away. We're facing a busy time, so inorder to have everything done BEORE Christmas, please get your orders in right away!! Check out our website for some really cute Christmas decor ideas!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update on baby girl Palmer

I think we have a stubborn girl on our hands. Michael and I went for our second ultrasound today. We had to go back because last time she wouldn't move so that the tech could see all of her heart. So this time we booked into one of those places that does 4d imaging. I was so excited to get in there and see her little face. Well, what did she do? She kept her face to my spine the entire time. We couldn't see it at all. The most we saw in 4d was the back of her head. She had her hand on her head again (she did that last time too) and she kept patting her head. It was really adorable. We opted not to buy the cd though. What we could see really wasn't worth the money. I guess she just wants her looks to be a suprise. I really am sad though. I wanted to see all of that so badly. Other than that...I'm growing and feeling more and more puffy each day. I'm afraid for what I'll look like in a few months. Oh, and there are no names that we have picked in case you were wondering. We have a growing list that we add to, and take away from. We know we'll have to see her before anything like that is chosen. Just thought I'd tell you that since people always seem to want to know that.

We had our Super Saturday last Saturday and I taught some vinyl classes. I'm glad it's was stressing me out. But, it went well and I think everyone was pleased with what they did. Tonight is Young Women in Excellence and I have to speak. I'll be glad when that's done too...I don't like speaking. I sure love the girls though, and I hope it's fun for them. As for the rest of the week, just work and then this Saturday I'm putting up Christmas stuff! I can't wait.

Tagged...a while ago...

Things people don't know about u.
I'm totally OCD. I don't really like to have people know this about me, because I can control it enough to the point that they wouldn't ever know. But I know just how I left a room when I leave, and then when something isn't the same when I'm back, I know someone's done something to change it on me. Michael calls me a detective because when I come home from work, I know if he's cleaned something, what he's eaten. It came in handy when I was away at school because I always knew if someone had been in my room.

What is the silliest prank you ever played on someone?
I don't have a lot that I can recall. We took all of the pillows off of some guys' apartment couches and hid them from them for a long time. I do have the best one that was pulled on us. We woke up one morning and opened the front door to find that all of the cinder blocks that made up the retaining wall right outside our door had been piled up in front of it. We had to crawl out the window and take them down and rebuild the wall. That was awesome!

If money were no object what would you do with your life?
Have a million kids, learn tons of musical instruments. Travel everywhere. Go around giving money to others when they least expect it. Really...what wouldn't I do??

2 Favorite vacation spots
Haven't been travelling a ton. Our cruise was AMAZING. Any of the stops there. Anywhere with Michael. I love travelling with him. No matter where we go, we have the BEST time!

What is the wierdest thing you'd ever admit to having done in the past?
I once convinced some guys in my student ward that I was a black-belt in karate. They'd always try and get me to show some stuff, and I'd always refuse. I honestly to this day think that they believe me. That was a good one. I also remember that one night when they were trying to get me to demonstrate, Jeni offered to show them her stuff, and she split her pants doing a high kick!! (remember that Milla???)

What song best describes you in the morning?
I really have no idea, nor the brain power to remember song titles at this point in my life.

What US destination would you be most likely to visit & why?
Church history sites back east. New York. The southern states...any of them. I'd really go anywhere.

Is your calendar always on the correct month?
If I'm working yes...if not, there is no calendar.

Desk Messy or organized
Usually messy as I work, but always clean before I go home. I sort of like having a messy desk, it makes me feel very busy.

Pet ownership - which is better; dog or cat?
NEITHER - no pets EVER.

Are you always early or late?
I used to be early, but now I'm always late it seems. I won't get into why.

Favorite childhood memory
Dancing to The Nutcracker with my sisters at Christmas time.
Trips to Utah and Arizona and singing in the car.
Christmas morning...trying to sleep the night before and thinking everything I heard was Santa.
Playing in our condo with Murdocks and Heningers...especially at night in the summer...playing capture the flag and 1.2.3. The summer night was awesome!

What talent would people be surprised to hear you have?
I used to take singing lessons. I hate singing choirs and groups.

Have you ever broken a bone?
2 actually. I broke my arm falling off of my bunkbed while I was sleeping. I also had a girl fall on me and break my colarbone.

What is your favorite way to relax?
Watching something on tv and falling asleep to it without have to wake up for anything later on. This is especially the best when you're in front of a lit Christmas tree and no other lights are on but those! Oh, I can't wait.

I now tag all of my sisters who are worse at blogging than I am. You know who you are!