Tuesday, January 16, 2007


For those of you who don't already know, Heather and I are starting our own little vinyl lettering company. We should be up and running with our cutter in a little over a week. If you're interested in buying anything let us know. These pictures are just some samples of things that can be done, but literally you can do ANYTHING you want. Any quote, saying, name in just the lettering, or we can make the boards with your quote if you want us to. The possibilities are endless. If you can type it, we can cut it!

Check out our new blog for more info, and also check out our website!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


For those of who are familiar with the movie Elf I'm sure you love it. Well it is a favorite at my house. Michael and I watch it often and quote it all of the time. Well I laughed out loud today when I saw an email from Michael. See, I sing to him a lot. Not real songs, but ones that I make up. I'll sing things instead of just speaking them, mostly when I'm hyper, which is quite often I have to admit. There are a few parts in Elf where he sort of does the same thing, so you can imagine how much we like these parts. Anyway, here is the email I got from Michael this morning.

"I'm singing...and I'm at my desk...and I'm siiiingiiiing....and guess what? - I love you!....I love you!...I loooove you!"

Can you not see why I love him so much! If you don't know this movie, this probably won't be funny at all, but I laughed right out loud!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas Season 2006

Well since I've been getting into trouble for not posting, I thought I would do a huge massive one to tide everyone over for a while. Christmas was good, except for getting strep on Dec 22, and then a wicked cold on top of it. I didn't feel all that well for most of it, but I still had a wonderful time. We had so much fun with Heather and Gannon around, and we were together most of the time. It was an inlaw Christmas for my family, so we didn't see a lot of them. It's hard to be in the same city as everyone. You always miss out on something. We can't really complain though. We did tons of stuff, I got spoiled rotten (along with everyone else) and I loved every minute of being off of work for more than 2 weeks. It was wonderful and it gave me a taste of the life I'm missing being at work all day. I've got to remedy that somehow. Anyway, all of the pictures tell the story way better than I could. Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas, and fun New Year!

December 23rd

We went for a horse drawn wagon ride with the Palmer/Pratt clan. It was beautiful to be outside, and fun to be with everyone. We had hot chocolate, and then went to Blain and Linda Palmer's for some wonderful food.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always my favorite. The anticipation gets to me and I feel like such a kid. We had dinner at the Palmer's house and then went to see my family. We carried out our usual traditions. Reading the Nativity story and trying to see how many names the Savior is called. Always super fun for me. We then went back to the Palmer's and stayed the night there. We played a bunch of Nintendo Wii, and watched a movie until we fell asleep.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was wonderful as usual. We all got spoiled, and we had a lot of fun. Michael and I always get 2 Christmas mornings with each family. This year was a away Christmas for my family so we spent most of the time with the Palmers this year.

New Years Eve

Well we had a blast for New Years. We ate a fantastic dinner at Kevin and Cyndi's, and then we got to go and visit with my parents and Erin and Scott and the kiddies, and then we went back to the Palmer's house for the rest of the evening. We had so much going on, it was a blast. First, we had a huge chocolate milk taste test (for all of the detail, checkout Heather's blog). Then we passed around the hats, noisemakers, and necklaces, and rang in the new year with some Martinelli's. I just can't believe it's 2007. Wow.

Highschool Girls night

I also got to see a bunch of my friends from...well life...over the break. This baby is Joslyn's second. Her name is Kaydence. She's a doll. The other girl holding her is Marika.

These are all of the girls I grew up with mostly. It was great fun to get the see them, even if it was just for a few hours.
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Emily's Baby Shower

So Heather and I put together a small baby shower for Emily over the holiday. A bunch of her friends were in town so we wanted to make sure they could be there. Since we'd never done a shower before we hoped that Cyndi would be there to guide us, but since she was out of town, we were on our own. It was a little nerve racking, but I think all in all, it was good. The best part for me was the cake I made (with the help of Heather). I made a diaper cake, with baby wipe filling. It was so cute and worked well as the center piece.

All of the food
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