Friday, August 17, 2007

Nothing new

Well I just thought I'd update something since I'm getting bored of the old post. I had my Dr's appointment and all looks good. She said the due date is March 22, so I wasn't too far off. I seem to be feeling much better the last few days which is so wonderful. I was actually able to clean the house a! The condo still isn't sold, and I'm getting anxious about it. I think we're going to move into the new house anyway. We'll just leave enough furniture here that it looks lived in, and then live in the new house. The condo smells bad to me for some reason, so the sooner I get out, the better. We just have a tiny bit of painting to do, and we'll have to clean it up before we can move, but I love the idea of going over there! It sounds so wonderful. Other than those things, next, I have to find a job. I need to get on that right away, but I just don't really want to which makes it hard to be motivated. Anyone know of anything? Well I just finished a bunch of vinyl orders, and now I'm going to get ready for the day. Not sure what I'm doing yet, but it always helps if you start out clean!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another one I liked!

I just loved this picture too, so I thought I'd share.
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Michael's Baby's Momma

Well it is indeed true...if you can't tell by the picture.  I'm going to be a mom!!  I'm thrilled...except for the whole morning sickness, superhuman sense of smell, nothing sounding good, tiredness, and the strange need to eat all the time.  Just kidding, I really am so happy, just not feeling too well right now.  The duedate has yet to be confirmed...first appointment is this week...but the online calculator says it's March 21, 2008.  Anyhoo, we're just running out the door, but we just took this picture (it's how I'm going to measure just how big I get) and we wanted to post it!