Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another one I liked!

I just loved this picture too, so I thought I'd share.
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Heather said...

Those are cute cute pictures! I love them! COngratulations once again! I'm glad the news is out becuase I've been dying to brag about you guys! Love ya!

the wrights said...

I wish I looked that good even when I am not pregnant. I hope the sickness passes soon. It feels like it won't end, but then all of a sudden it gets better. I wished I could have visited with you more at the reunion, but I know you were just not feeling up to it. Congratulations, he or she will be a cutie for sure.

hailey said...


It's fabulous news! Not sure how far along you are....but I have some preggie pops that I have been dying to try out and see if they work. They didn't for me as candy made me ill this time around *sigh* but they are supposed to alleviate the morning sickness....You can ask heather for my e-mail if you want me to send you couple!

Hope you feel great soon...Congratulations anyways! it's truly wonderful news!!!


hailey said...

Oh and, LOVE the photos!! so adorable!!!


Jason & Shannon Salmon said...

Mike & Melinda,

Big Congratulations! Thats exciting, Kevins family is getting pretty big. Tell your dad we should get a good Garth Palmer family trip in before everyones families are too huge. (maybe something in Utah:) Love ya guys! Keep the blog updated!

Jason Salmon

Michael Palmer said...

You look hot Melinda. Oh, and who's the stud holding you?


Ciara aka Queen Social Butterfly said...

yeah melin! Congrats mama! can't wait to see more pics as they come.