Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Perfectly captured

Well I finally got the rest of Heather's pictures, and I'm so excited about them. I lOVE them, and I'm thrilled to share them. I know I've said it before, but Heather is so talented. We are very lucky. Since my last post, we haven't had a ton going on. Just the usual day to day tasks. Claire is growing like a weed, and talking like crazy. The weather is getting better, and I'm finally feeling like I'm getting used to my new motherhood routine. It's nice to get more sleep, and it's even more wonderful to watch our baby girl grow. I want to press pause on her right now so she never grows up past now. I'd be great with that. I have also found a new hobby I think. I was looking for a new binkie holder for Claire since my yellow ribbon one just isn't so cute...handy, but not so cute. So, I was remembering that Heidi used to make them, and I LOVED them so I thought...I should try to make them. So I did! They're not as cute as Heidi's were, but they're SO much better than the yellow one. Anyway I bought a bunch of beads, and I've made 3 so far. She could have one to match all outfits if I don't get a grip, but it's fun, and I'm alone at night, so what are you going to do?
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Heather Ward Photography

She was upset here so we were letting her suck on her binky, and just before Heather would snap the picture, I'd yank out the binky...hence the wonderful pucker!!!
Note the double chin and the neck roll. I LOVE my girl!
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More Heather Ward pics

This is another one where we were just a little bit better coordinated. I LOVE it! You're so good Heather!
Need I say anything?

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Our Bunny

We were lucky to get this sleeper at her shower, and it's perfect because it has her nickname right on it. We have taken to calling her bunny all of the time. The name was formed because she has this little twitch in her foot when she thumps it very fast so I started calling her thumper. Then it changes to bunny. I don't know why, but she's rarely called her real name by us. Hopefully she doesn't start thinking bunny is her real name.
Just another cute one.
This is her complain face. She's started to talk so much more and she'll get into these moods where she talks, but it's not happy talk. This is the classic face she makes. Just tonight she yelled at me for a minute straight. It's not a cry, but seriously a yell. SO ADORABLE. We have the talking on tape, and we need to post it so you can understand our love!
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These are her ballet shoes. Yes, she wore a dress with them, but it had already been taken off, and we still wanted to document the shoes. They are courtesy of Judy, and she wears them every Sunday!
This girl is seriously in love with her daddy, and I have to say, he's seriously in love with her!!
Sleeping angel
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Offical Family Photos!!!

Well I can't believe how bad I am at blogging. I need to be better after I saw the book that Heather had made of all of her posts. It is such a great way of journalling our life. First, the photos. We went to Portland a few weeks ago to see Heather and Gannon, and we had a blast. We ate a ton, went to the coast, did a little shopping, a little sight seeing, and did a lot of talking and laughing. It was Claire's first plane ride, and she was such an angel. She slept most of the way there, and the entire way home. We even had 1 connection in Seattle that she slept through. She's so good, and we know we're totally spoiled, and should not expect this much with future children. While we were there, Heather was kind enough to take some family pictures for us. I didn't plan the outfits very well, but we were still thrilled with the results. We need her to do another session next time we see her!! She's so talented.

Other than our trip, we've just been enjoying our little one, or our "bunny" as she's much more commonly known by us. She has been totally growing up, and I hate it. It's happening much to fast. She has had her first laugh. It was in her sleep. She was sleeping in her bed, and it was a full out laugh. We were so happy, we tried to capture it on video, but it was just a one time thing. The other week in church, she tried to sing the opening song. She was laying on my shoulder, and looking at Michael while she cooed, and smiled, and sang. It was so adorble, we were both in tears from laughing so hard. She then talked through the whole opening prayer. It was so cute it hurt. She really knows her mom and dad, and gets so happy to see us. Waking up to her smiling is so cute. I could go on forever, and I know there are more things I wanted to say, but I forget them now. As for our trip to Europe, it's now been moved to the end of the summer. We were happy with this news because it means we can be around for the best time of year in the city, and we can take some trips with our families.

There are more pictures of Claire to come, so stay tuned!

My sweet Claire

While we were in Portland, Heather was kind enough to take some pictures of our sweet girl. Heather is so talented, and I'm so sad she's so far away. I would like to have a weekly shoot I think!! We were in love with the pictures she took, and can't wait to get our hands on some of the other ones she was still editing for us. If anyone needs an AMAZING photographer, Heather is moving home in the fall...serioulsy, she's amazing!!

This is the picture that perfectly captures her forehead fat, and her Jeffrey R. Holland cheeks (as Michael likes to call them). We sure don't have a skinny little girl anymore.