Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pciture update

Well not a whole lot changes in our daily lives except this little girl. We watched her little video Michael made right when she was born, and I can't even believe how she's grown. She was so tiny. I miss that little girl already. She's so much bigger. Last time she was at the doctor, she'd made it to 9 pounds. I'm sure she's getting closer to 10 now. She's starting to realize who I am, and I can't even believe how great it is. I just love it when she's upset and gets to me and calms right down instantly. It's so flattering. She's sleeping between 5-7 hours in the night, and it's been so wonderful to get a few more consecutive hours sleep. It makes such a difference in how I feel all day. I'm very blessed. She likes to sleep near us too. She always goes in her bed right after the first night time feed, and then she never makes it to the second one alone. As soon as it's a little bit light out, she wakes up and wants to be near us. So, we let her snuggle and she goes back to sleep right away. Yesterday, she was in bed with us in the morning, and she started to get really fussy and sad. As soon as we sat up to look at her, it's like she realized we were there, and started smiling like crazy. It's almost like she thought she was alone, and as soon as she saw us, it was all ok again. Ahhh, I LOVE her!
Her eyes are getting more and more blue. Nana Palmer is the only one with blue eyes in both of our families (other than some neices and nephews), and I'm hoping they stay that way.
I'm trying to get the perfect picture of her feet for the feet wall at the Palmer's house. I'm still not totally satisfied though.
I LOVE this little smile!
Other than Claire, we're still waiting to find out exactly when and where we're going with Michael's company. Things have been up in the air, and are still a little up in the air right now. All we know is we're going for sure, and most likely to Lugano, Italy now. I'm up for whatever, but it would be nice to have a few more details. I'm also not happy to stick around here for as long as it takes them to figure it out. I'm so glad we've been delayed. We'll keep you posted though.
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The swing

Heather and Gannon are letting us borrow their swing while they are in Portland. We hadn't used it that much because she was so small, and didn't fit in it very well, but this week we got new batteries, and she LOVES it. This is her the first time we turned the little animals on. Now every time she gets in it, she stares up at them until she falls asleep. I need to get it on video. She loves it.
Smiling at her little friends.
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Claire and her daddy

I didn't even remember that we took this picture until I was going through them to post today. It's so cute. When she's really serious about her binky, she'll grab your hand to hold her binky in tighter. I'm so glad that we got this picture. I love her little quirks.
This is my favorite of them to date. This picture captures perfectly just how much Michael loves his little girl. This is pretty much the face he has on any time he's near her. She knows her daddy too. At church on Sunday, she was sitting with Cindy Pratt right in front of us, and she put her over her shoulder. As soon as Claire saw Michael she gave the HUGEST smile, and didn't stop smiling at him. It was adorable.
She loves him
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Claire and her mama

Claire is starting to realize that I'm her mom, and it's the best thing ever. Lately, she'll fuss until she gets back to me. I can't even express how this melts my heart.

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Proud parents

Some pictures of the proud parents. It's going to be so fun to have girls so close in age. I can't wait for them to realize the other exists!

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The girls

Well here are some of the really cute pictures we got of the girls the first time they met. We need to take more pictures now. They have so many of the same outfits (courtesy of Nana Palmer), and we need to document them. They are both showing off their dancing moves in this picture. I LOVE it!

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Congrats to Jeffrey and Emily

Just wanted to mention how excited we are that Jaclyn has entered the world. She is beautiful, and still bigger than Claire I might add. They couldn't be more different in their coloring. That always amazes me when half of the genes have come from the same family. We got in a good photo session with the two of them yesterday, but I'll wait for Jeffrey and Emily to post some pictures of their own before I post what we got, but here's one that doesn't give too much away.
Just to show their coloring. Claire has serious hair envy!
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And a few more

After her bath, which she pooped in. This is right after bathing her again, and right before she pooped in the towel. She's not very lady like in that department.
Getting all powdered up. What a wonderful smell!
She's really started to look at us. She'll follow us around the room, for as long as her little neck will allow.
A little smile. She smiles all the time, but that's the HARDEST thing to capture. This is the best I have so far.
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The new camera!

So we did it! We finally got ourselves a wonderful new camera. I'm still a camera retard so I know there's so much more I need to learn, and invest in...starting with a good flash, but oh my goodness...what a difference in picture quality! I'm in love with it! So here's a little preview of what we've taken so far of our girl!
She's getting so strong, and we just discovered that she LOVES tummy time...(mostly because she toots the entire time).
My new favorite I think. It's always so hard to really capture what they look like in a picture, but this does a pretty good job!
Her little feet, and they've grown so much already.
And her little profile. So tiny.
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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Update on the Palmers

Well it's been a little while since I've posted anything. Things up here have been going pretty well. Claire is a little angel, and I'm learning how to function on little to no sleep (not an easy task for a girl who really likes her sleep). We had her blessing this past Sunday, and Michael did such a beautiful job. I was so proud of him. We then had everyone over to my mom and dad's house for a dinner which was really fun. It was our first day really getting out of the house and into the public. I can't even believe how long it took us to get out the door. It was insane. Cyndi made the blessing dress, and I couldn't have been happier with it. And Judy made the blessing blanket. We were so thankful! Claire looked beautiful, and I only hope that more of my girls will be able to wear the dress, though it's not likely they'll be as small as Claire.

Other than that main event, I've been trying to recover. For anyone who doesn't know, I've had mastitis 3 times since Claire was born, and I've been trying to get myself together so that we can function normally. We aren't able to go out as much now because of my care routine, and that's driving us all insane I think. Oh well, what are you going to do? It could be worse.

As for the picture at the top of the page, that's courtesy of Jeffrey. Isn't it beautiful? I just love it, and can't wait to see more of the ones he's taken. I can't wait to get a better camera. Mine just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. Well I'm sure there's more going on, but I can't think of what it is.

Claire's Blessing Day

Claire's first real bath

Here's some more pictures of our girl