Monday, April 07, 2008

And a few more

After her bath, which she pooped in. This is right after bathing her again, and right before she pooped in the towel. She's not very lady like in that department.
Getting all powdered up. What a wonderful smell!
She's really started to look at us. She'll follow us around the room, for as long as her little neck will allow.
A little smile. She smiles all the time, but that's the HARDEST thing to capture. This is the best I have so far.
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Mark & Emily said...

She's so cute!! You can tell how much expression she's already developing. What kind of camera did you guys get? It makes such a huge difference hey! I love having a good camera.

Ciara said...

MELIN...she is so so so beautiful.


JA Crew said...

i love her chubby little cheeks!! You just wanna kiss them!