Sunday, February 19, 2012

One thing more

We said the prayer on our feed the other day, and at the end we all said amen, and then we heard "amen" in this little Warren voice. It was about the cutest thing I've ever heard. He's just so righteous! Heehee.

I guess it's really two things. The other day, Claire came into me while I was showing and shaving my legs. She quickly yelled at me to stop because "only dads do that!". It was awesome and now you all know more about Michael than you ever wanted to!


We celebrated big in the Palmer house this year! Nt really, but we did something and for use that is big. Claire and i made balentimes (as she puts it) amd we also made heart shaped sugar cookies. They were the best cookies I've ever made and I celebrated my succes by eating half of them. This was not good for my weight watchers.

Michael and I got engaged on February 13th. Instead of celebrating valentines day with everyone else, we celebrate the 13th. This year, we went back to the scene of the crime and had dinner at the top of the Calgary tower. It was so fun to go back and honestly, I felt all nervous and exciting at dinner. All of the memories flooded back in and I love those moment where you fall in love more than you thought you could. We also saw The Vow, which we really liked. It was nice to know that if that ever happened to me, I would still know Michael, I just might think it was weird I married him.

We have had a busy few days and just got back from Invermere last night. We went out with the Pratts and stayed for a night. On our way in, we stopped at the hot springs in radium. Claire was in heaven and warren was a little nervous which just made him totally snugly and I loved it! He just let me hold him and kiss him and, for those who know him, is a rare thing. We had a great time and Claire was devaste to leave. Seriously, she screamed for a hour until she fell asleep and then she woke up screaming again. It was a delightful drive home.

Monday, February 06, 2012

A little sad

Michael must have pulled up our blog recently because I found it open on the ipad this morning. I realized, after reading old posts, that I really love having thing written down. I have missed so much and I know I will regret not writing it all down. So, I thought I should pick up blogging again. Things have changed a ton since writing last. Claire is 3 weeks away from turning 4 and Warren is 21 months old. Claire is taking a dance class and a playschool class once and week and she is in heaven. She loves her classes and it fills me with guilt that we didn't get her going sooner. She has learned some dance moves and she will show them to anyone who is willing to watch. She loves to dress up for class, and she's always trying to wear her play clothes to class. She is now a sunbeam at church and she's been missing nursery like crazy. She loved it in there and we've been dealing with her "never wanting to be a sunbeam!" It's sad. I'm sure she won't take long to get into it though. She loves to draw and "do craft". Right now she is drawing me a heart with all the color of the rainbow. She loves to dress up and is rarely actually dressed. She and I butt heads a lot, and sometimes it can be so frustrating. She likes to be right and if I disagree then everything comes apart. We are working on it! She is delightful most of the time though. She is a great helper around the house. She loves to set the table and make her bed. She loves to play with Warren and be with her cousins. She tells everyone she meets about her friends Jaclyn and Jacey.

Warren is now a crazy toddler!! He is such a boy. He is into everything and destroying is his favorite past time. He barely talks. He says "uh oh", "no", nods his head, "mama" but not usually referring to me. He uses it like "no". When he watches a show with Claire, if the characters ask a question, he always says "nooo". It usually works with Diego when they are asking a question, but sometimes on other shows they ask if the kids want to play too and he says "nooo". It's really cute! He loves to dance! He dances and jumps most of the day. Lately he has been dancing like a Bollywood dancer. He puts his arm out to the side and his palm up to the ceiling and he turns in a circle following his arm (if that makes sense). We got a good laugh out of that a few days ago. He sleeps like a dream. He loves his bed, his blue blanket and his iggle piggle doll or his blue bear. He loves to be outside and will literally run around the entire neighborhood without stopping. Then when it's time to come in, he collapses in tears. He snuggles very rarely and really doesn't care to even interact with most people. He will snuggle me though, and sit with me and lay his head down on me. I like this! He will do it a little with Michael, but mostly with me!

Michael is in school again. He's close to being done. We are excited for that day! We are still in Citadel and I'm at home with the kids. Michael is a Sunday School teacher and I'm the secretary in the YW Program. We love our callings and the ward. We are both now 30 and we are trying to scheme a trip to celebrate the milestone. It's almost a go but until it is I won't write it down for fear of jinxing it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just some extra cute pictures

Bath time

I can honestly say I've waited for the day these two could tub together. It is so cute. Warren LOVES it and will try to dive out of your arms to get in there. It's so cute to see them splashing and playing with all of the toys. They will stay in there for hours if you'd let them.


Halloween was more fun this year even though it was on a Sunday! I think I like that best to be honest. I know I won't feel that way when my kids are over, but it was awesome. We had a huge trunk or treat at the church, and then a wonderful soup night on Sunday with the Palmer clan. We didn't have to rush the soup and we just stayed there are the kids handed out candy to trick or treaters. It was really fun! Claire was a fairy, Warren was a robot, and in this picture we were going to my YW activity so I dressed up as Warren's inventor. It was really last minute and the best I could do!!
She loves this costume and wears it all the time. I had to leave it at my mom's house until Halloween or she would have worn it and ruined it before Halloween even got here!
Sean dressed up for the trunk or treat complete with his own dental creation. His fangs looked awesome and although it looks like he is terrifying her, she was laying down before this happened and didn't even know he was behind her. Don't worry!
Us at the trunk or treat. I didn't get dressed up, but I did hand out the candy, and I decorated the car for that!

I need to take a better picture of Warren in his costume. He looked so cute. He helped me hand out the candy. I couldn't believe how many kids were there. It was insane.

Some festivities

Way back in October, we were supposed to go to Kalispell with my whole family, but people got sick and my parents and us didn't want to risk getting sick too, so we stayed here for our own Thanksgiving. It was wonderful might I add!!
Claire got new glasses. We couldn't find hers anywhere so we got these (LOVE THEM). Of course, a little while later, we found the old ones, and then she broke them.
He can stand!! Not really, but isn't it cute anyway?
I just love this face. For some reason, it reminds me of a face I would make. She's a ball of energy and a total drama queen!!
He looks totally unimpressed hey? I decided I need to take more pictures, so this is just a random day for fun!!!

I'm back! We'll see for how long??

I thought I would try to add some stuff that has happened around here. I've been ridiculous at this. Warren is going to be 7 months next week and I have no posts of him. That's just sad. Poor boy. We do love him and we do take pictures of him, there just doesn't seem to be enough time to post any of it.

We finally got to put Warren in the jolly-jumper, and he LOVES it! It's a lot more hazardous for him than it ever was for Claire though. If we don't keep a close watch, Claire will swing him. Danger!
As you can see, he can't do it on his own very often.
I love this one because of how he looks. He LOVES Claire and will frantically search for her and the erupt in laughter once he sees her. It's the cutest thing!
This is just life. Trying to balance them both has been harder for me that I would have guessed. Claire isn't the easiest going girl and we are trying to figure out how to make everything work. She is asleep here and I just love how Warren's got his hand on her. Sibling love!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

The boy is here! Early!

Warren Michael Palmer joined us last Wednesday (2.5 weeks early) weighing 7lb14oz, and 20.75 inches long. I woke up at 4am to my water breaking in bed. Lovely. I saw a group of midwives for this pregnancy, so right away I paged them. I wasn't having any contractions so she told me to go back to bed and when the contractions started, I should page again. Well since he was early, I had NOTHING prepared, AGAIN!! So instead, I got up to pack a bag, Michael and I both showered, and in doing all of this, I started to get some minor contractions. So we called my mother in law to come over and be with Claire and we got in the car and headed to the hospital. We got there about 7am, and he was born at 11:03am. I did pretty well until the hour before he was born. That was pretty rough. Then I only pushed for 8 minutes (it felt like an hour) and he was here! We are happy to have him with us, and I can't believe how easy he is compared to Claire! My parents are in Europe and Michael's parents went to Hawaii a few days after he was born. It's been Michael and me dealing with the 2 for the most part (except for help from wonderful sisters where they can!). Michael has to head back to work next week and my parents aren't back until the 13th, so we might move in with Lara for a few days so I don't have a nervous break down on my own. Here are some of the pictures that Heather has taken for us. It's so nice to have a photographer in the family!!

For ALL of the pictures, go to here

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best Friends

I watched Jaclyn a while ago, and the girls had a blast playing together. They went into her room and were really quiet for a while. I was nervous as to what I would find since silence is usually not a good sign. But, when I went into them, they were sitting in the closet together. Not doing anything really, just sitting and loving it! It was so cute that I had to snap some pictures! They sure love each other.

Baby Boy Palmer

It's sad to me that it's taken me this long to post baby boy's first pictures. We are excited to be having a boy. It eliminates the worry that we won't get one of each. I'm now 29 weeks along, and it seems like there's no way my skin could stretch anymore. I'm getting nervous to do a tiny baby again, but I'm excited to have a baby around. I can't believe how much faster this pregnancy has gone for me. The time is flying by.

Birthday Party

We had a big party for Claire this past weekend. We had both families, Ryan and Jessica Salmon and kiddies, Ryan and Camilla Pratt and baby Everee, and her great grandparents. We gathered at the church and had yummy food, and the kids ran around like crazy. I put together a small scavenger hunt for all of the kids, and it was cute to see them get so excited. The funny thing is that Claire couldn't have cared less about it and wasn't even with the group when they finally found their treasure. She did like her bag of candy however! Erin made her a darling and delicious cake. She also made cupcakes and that's what Claire chose to eat. I guess she really didn't eat it, she just stabbed the frosting with her fork, but she sat forever doing it! She got spoiled with presents, but was so into her tootsie pop that she didn't seem to care (nice). Thank you everyone, since we've been home, she's been thrilled with her gifts! All in all, it was an awesome party. There was no stress of watching kids. We had the whole building, and they could run where they wanted. Most of all, it was just nice to have family around for her special day. We love you booba!
A sick picture of us, but I had to post it just to remember!
She loved everyone singing to her, but she wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do with the candles.
The awesome cake! Thanks again Erin!
The gift opening. She's not smiling in any of the...little stinker!

The big update!

The girl got glasses!! We're working on her actually wearing them now. For quite some time, we have noticed that Claire's left eye would turn in. It happened mostly when she would look down at her tray of food and look back up. She would look up and be cross eyed. She also looked at books strangely. We decided to take her and and get her checked out, and sure enough, after some testing, we found out that she is farsighted. So, the solution is glasses. She is supposed to wear them all day long. It's been 2 days since we got them and she's far from going all day long in them. We're going to be persistent though. The glasses should help her eye from permanently turning in (which is probably what would happen if we didn't get her treated). We're happy we caught it this early and now we just hope that no one will ever make her think that she is anything but beautiful in them!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

And...she's 2!!

I can't believe this day has come already, but 2 years ago (3.5 weeks early), this little peanut entered our world. What a blessing she has been to everyone around her. We never thought that parenthood would be so much fun. I just can't believe these past 2 years have gone so fast. Michael has been putting all of our home movies onto our computer, and just watching the time that has gone by is so emotional for me. I feel like I didn't soak it all up enough. So here's a little on Claire just so we can remember.

2 years old
She says everything and talks and sings like crazy
She LOVES princesses.
She loves Disney movies and can sing most of the songs.
She loves to wear dresses and often when she's watching a disney movie, she makes you change her into a dress.
She can throw the hugest tantrum and literally make it impossible for you to dress her in anything she doesn't want to wear. Awesome!
She loves her friends and family and talks about them often
She loves to run and play and be outside. Sadly, it's still freezing here so we don't get out as often as we would like
She loves nursery now (not so much at first) and will talk about her nursery leader (Sis. Makahashi-really Sis. Takahashi).
She is a bundle of energy constantly, and I'm trying really hard to keep up with her as my belly grows!

We love you Claire, and are so happy you have come into our lives. We couldn't be more blessed! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another pictureless post

I'm sitting in my living room watching Peter Pan for the 100th time and I can't find anything else to look at online. Does anyone else have trouble keeping themselves occupied after checking your email, facebook, blogs, and Well I do. Michael can stay on the computer for hours with new things to research. Me...not so much. So, instead of watching the dreaded movie, I thought I'd document how AWFUL our night was last night. Claire is sick, the sickest she's ever been. She's fevered, runny nose, brutal cough. Sleeping last night was non existent for us. She was up coughing, which made her puke, which called for a tub, which really woke her up, which caused endless movie watching. Luckily Michael was home and he let me sleep a little in between all that. I don't know what I would have done without that. She was up from about 2-8 this morning, and then fell asleep again for about and hour and 15 minutes. I don't know how she's not crashed right now. The previous night we were dealing with the fever and Michael was studying so he's gotten no sleep the past 2 nights. Needless to say, he's in bed right now. I hope he stays there for a while. Sick kids are so hard! I'm glad we got this major sickness out of the way before baby comes though. Knock on wood!! I'm hopeful that we're past the worst part now. The brutal part is that Michael's going out of town on Monday, and if I get what she has, there will be no one to help me. I'm pumping up on the vitamins!! Anyway, the house is a wreck, and I don't want to tidy it. I've got to try and get Claire to eat something and I think that's it for my complaining. It really is very sad to watch her, and I hope for her sake she can sleep a little better tonight.

On a cuter note. Last night at dinner, we started eating at all different times, and before Claire took a bite, she put her spoon back into her bowl and said "Say prayers." Needless to say, I felt awful being corrected by my almost 2 year old, but super happy at the same time that she knows what we should be doing. Smart girl!