Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another pictureless post

I'm sitting in my living room watching Peter Pan for the 100th time and I can't find anything else to look at online. Does anyone else have trouble keeping themselves occupied after checking your email, facebook, blogs, and Well I do. Michael can stay on the computer for hours with new things to research. Me...not so much. So, instead of watching the dreaded movie, I thought I'd document how AWFUL our night was last night. Claire is sick, the sickest she's ever been. She's fevered, runny nose, brutal cough. Sleeping last night was non existent for us. She was up coughing, which made her puke, which called for a tub, which really woke her up, which caused endless movie watching. Luckily Michael was home and he let me sleep a little in between all that. I don't know what I would have done without that. She was up from about 2-8 this morning, and then fell asleep again for about and hour and 15 minutes. I don't know how she's not crashed right now. The previous night we were dealing with the fever and Michael was studying so he's gotten no sleep the past 2 nights. Needless to say, he's in bed right now. I hope he stays there for a while. Sick kids are so hard! I'm glad we got this major sickness out of the way before baby comes though. Knock on wood!! I'm hopeful that we're past the worst part now. The brutal part is that Michael's going out of town on Monday, and if I get what she has, there will be no one to help me. I'm pumping up on the vitamins!! Anyway, the house is a wreck, and I don't want to tidy it. I've got to try and get Claire to eat something and I think that's it for my complaining. It really is very sad to watch her, and I hope for her sake she can sleep a little better tonight.

On a cuter note. Last night at dinner, we started eating at all different times, and before Claire took a bite, she put her spoon back into her bowl and said "Say prayers." Needless to say, I felt awful being corrected by my almost 2 year old, but super happy at the same time that she knows what we should be doing. Smart girl!


Barb said...

Melinda if you don't mind I would like to pass on some advice I have picked up on over years with 3 kids. One get a cool blowing humidifier and keep it on your kids at night year round. It will help them breath when they are sick and keep there lungs health year round. I had my pediatrician tell me more than once "when your child has a high fever and cant sleep give them Tylenol (acetaminophen), wait 30 minutes then give them Motrin (ibuprofen). Then alternate the two every 3 hours." It will also help her coughing because children often cough because of the pain in their throat. Make sure to use saline drops and a suction bulb to keep her nose clear and lastly give her as much Pedialyte as she will drink. Don't worry about feeding her so much as keeping her hydrated. When she is ready for something to eat she will let you know. I hope this helps and I hope that Claire gets feeling better soon. Take care!
I hope this helps

Ryan + Jess said...

That sounds so TERRIBLE! I'm sorry. I hate having sick kids and running on no sleep is miserable. I hope you are over the worst!

Jeni said...

ah! seriously those nights suck. good thing they aren't all like that otherwise, I would sell my kids... and my husband, haha!
HOpe she gets better soon! pregers and not getting sleep sucks.