Saturday, July 07, 2007

My house!!

Here is the front of the house in all its glory. It really is decent looking from the outside. I love it and am so excited at the prospect of living in it. We are still in the condo as we haven't sold it yet. Anyone interested?? The picture below is a sample of the garden. I have a HUGE garden. I love to take care of it. I water it and weed it, and pick the strawberries, which is the only edible thing right now, but I have raspberries, peas, apples, currants?, and a ton of other things that I don't know what they are. Michael and I acutally got to spend a Friday afternoon working in our garden. I didn't think I'd get to say that ever in my life, but I really like it. Actually as I'm typing I'm realizing that I should have gone to water it today and pick the ripe strawberries...oh well...please stay alive little berries. I'll get some pictures to prove it all! Anyhoo, this week will consist of more painting, and then the greatest movie ever is coming out, and I just need someone to go with me on Tuesday night at 12:01 to see Harry Potter. I'm rereading the 6th book again to get ready for the 7th, and the movie is just so exciting. It was Michael's birthday yesterday and I actually got him the Harry Potter game for the Wii, and I won't even tell you how long I've played already...I'm ashamed. It's really fun, and just as fun to watch someone else play. Well I'm now getting carried away, and called to by my book, so I'll go get some painted rooms pictures and show you that underneath all of that hidiousness, there really can be beauty!

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It's coming along!

Well contrary to my way of thinking, it looks like we will actually be able to live here soon. It's really coming along...this room is now completely painted. It looks so much better I can't even believe it. I hope one day I can move into a house that I don't have to transform first. It really is a ton of work...and I am proud to say, I have done most of the acutal painting all by myself. Michael did all of the prep work, which I find very annoying, but it really does make a difference in the painting!

This happened really late one night, and therefore seemed funnier at the time. He was using his t-shirt to protect the wall, and it didn't want to come back down.
This is how we really feel about the work, although when people ask us, of course we say we're doing great...not the truth!
Gannon so kindly redid a little bit of tile in the bathroom, and Michael and Nixon were good helpers. Hopefully we can tile some more in the would help the look of the place a lot.
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The big discovery!

Last week, everyone came over to my new place while I was working, and Sommer had this is a jar. The hugest butterfly (I think it's really a moth) that I have ever seen. It must have been injured because it didn't move much, but it was pretty nonetheless. It was also huge.
That is Lara's hand, just so you can get the idea of really how big it was.
I think it also had a small roll in The Lord of the Rings...he helped Gandalf out when he needed to find his huge eagle friends!!! He now sleeps eternally in my garden....sad.
This is just one of the maybe 5 pictures I took over the long weekend. It's a bit of heaven trying to escape. Amazing hey? I thought it was just beautiful!
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