Saturday, July 07, 2007

The big discovery!

Last week, everyone came over to my new place while I was working, and Sommer had this is a jar. The hugest butterfly (I think it's really a moth) that I have ever seen. It must have been injured because it didn't move much, but it was pretty nonetheless. It was also huge.
That is Lara's hand, just so you can get the idea of really how big it was.
I think it also had a small roll in The Lord of the Rings...he helped Gandalf out when he needed to find his huge eagle friends!!! He now sleeps eternally in my garden....sad.
This is just one of the maybe 5 pictures I took over the long weekend. It's a bit of heaven trying to escape. Amazing hey? I thought it was just beautiful!
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Heather said...

HOLY CRAP! That is the biggest Butterfly/moth/LOTR cast member I have ever seen!!!!! It's beautiful...but as soon as I see the freakishly thick legs...major turnoff! But still...unreal.I'll lay a flower at his gravesite next time I come over.

Heather said...

PS! I LOVE that lst photo. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

That woman has man hands.