Monday, November 02, 2009

More Pictures

Happy Halloween!

Halloween went WAY better than I had hoped. We started out with soup at Palmer's house, and then we forced Claire into her pumpkin costume. She wasn't too happy with us at first. But, she quickly got over it when she saw all of her cousins were doing the same thing. And then, she quickly understood what they were giving her at the houses. She would take the candy in her hand and hold it until someone gave her something better. Then she would drop it in the bag and hold the new treat! After a few houses, we took her to Mimi and Papa's and then to Lara and Sean's. It was awesome! I'm glad she got so into it. I didn't get the best pictures, but I'm sure Heather will make up for that!!


It's been a while since my parents have done a Thanksgiving dinner. Being pregnant, I was beyond excited to eat it. I didn't get many pictures at all, but I thought I would post what I had to help us remember!

The black eye

Claire is usually getting hurt as most of you know. This particular time was a heart break though. We were a split second too late from catching her falling down the stairs. This is what she had to show for it. This isn't even when it was at its worst.