Monday, February 12, 2007

Second Hand shoppers!

For those of you who don't know us very well, you might be interested to know that our house is pretty much all second hand stuff from Lara. We were blessed when we first got married to get a whole bunch of stuff they didn't need anymore. So we got a king size bed, end tables for our bed, a huge black armoir, end tables for the living room, a coffee table, and two computer desks. We also got our couches from Sean's parents. We seriously scored in the not having to buy stuff department. Then, we also got a second tv, and tv stand. When Sean redid the office we also got this beauty. I love it! It was in his office and when they took it out and had nothing to do with it, I piped right up and volunteered. It's now happily in my bedroom!! This past weekend, we also found out that we can have another computer desk (this one is the one to replace all others!), and a laser printer! So, we just have to go pick it up, and we're so set it's awesome!! Thanks to the Freibergs for letting us live your life 11 years later!

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The February birthdays!

This month, Dad and Erin both had their birthdays, and since Mom and Dad were going to be away for Erin's, we sort of combined the two. Dad had a big one! 60 years! So, as a little joke, he got 60 of different things from all of us. He got 60 diet pops, 60 loonies (for his 72 hour kit), 60 kisses with Almonds, 60 valentines suckers, and I got him 60 pictures of his family in a little album. We all shared memories we have of him, and luckily we got it on tape because they were all really special! was a a nice evening. Mom made a wonderful dinner, and delicious cheesecake to top it off!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Birthday- The big 25

Here are some pictures from my birthday! We had dinner at mom's house (pot roast with potatoes and carrots...mmmmmm.....and Dairy Queen Ice Cream fav). We then opened presents and played around with the kiddies!

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Put it in Writing

Check out the blog for Put it in Writing for some ready to buy boards and things that Heather and I have been making, and stay tuned for the details about the party.

Long time

Wow, it really has been a while since I posted. I feel like the time has flown because I've been super busy. I had my birthday on Jan 14th. I hit 25...that's old! We had a big family party at my moms and it was nice to just be around everyone. Other than that, Heather and I have spent most of our time just getting this vinyl stuff going. I actually really love it, and if I could do it full time, I'd be a happy camper. Michael's been going to Vegas a bunch to get going on importing cars, so I've spent some weekends (like right now) home alone. It's lonely, and I'm not the hugest fan, but if we can make money, it'll be fine! I've been creating boards and frames and things for our company, and I really love coming up with new, fun things. Heather and I will be doing a party for those of you who are interested in checking it all out. I promise I'll post some more detail about life in the next few days, but for now, here's some pictures!

Here's Jeni and Natalie when I finally got to see them at Christmas time! I love them!