Monday, February 12, 2007

The February birthdays!

This month, Dad and Erin both had their birthdays, and since Mom and Dad were going to be away for Erin's, we sort of combined the two. Dad had a big one! 60 years! So, as a little joke, he got 60 of different things from all of us. He got 60 diet pops, 60 loonies (for his 72 hour kit), 60 kisses with Almonds, 60 valentines suckers, and I got him 60 pictures of his family in a little album. We all shared memories we have of him, and luckily we got it on tape because they were all really special! was a a nice evening. Mom made a wonderful dinner, and delicious cheesecake to top it off!


Christensen said...

Fun, wish we could have been there!