Monday, December 01, 2008

Captured the hand

I was very excited to actually capture her greeting on camera. It took some effort, and both of us to get her to do it on camera, but we really wanted a picture of it, and we're glad to have it! Honeslty, this is what she does to EVERYONE now. Just yesterday in church, she was doing it to the people behind us. They kept holding her hands, and she would do it over and over again. And...just an update...she CRAWLED yesterday! We were at my parents house, and she just did it! We have hardwood at our house, so I wonder if she has been able to do it for a while, she just kept sliding!! Who knows. Anyway, it was wonderful! And, she pulls herself up onto her knees a ton too. She'll just sit there balancing, and get very mad if she starts to fall over. Right now as I type, she pulling herself up onto the couch!

Train a girl...

So now that Claire can get anywhere she wants, she LOVES to play in the DVD's. She was doing just that the other day, and I noticed that I've passed my love of Friends onto her!! Just kidding, but it was cute!