Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Office -- Playing Dwight Schrute is...Jim Halpert?

This was just about the funniest EVER!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Alas, the new house...well my half anyway!

We finally took possession of the house on Tuesday, and Emily and I have been working non-stop day and night taking down'll see what I mean. We've had Lara and her kids there helping...and they LOVED it. They could destroy something without getting into trouble! Anyway, I'll take some more pictures of the progress as we go. One day, we'll have a liveable house.

The Highlight...the GARAGE!

The highlight of the new house, and TOTALLY...the GARAGE. Yes, they indeed wallpapered the garage, but again...each wall is different, and brings a new beauty to the home that we couldn't have ever hoped for.
The lillypad wall
The lovely Thomas Kinkade border
The random little boarder, with a strip of different paper underneath.
The faux brick, and notice how it's not all laid the same direction...isn't that nice!!??!!??

Bathrooms and hallway

The mainbath
The ensuite
The hallway...notice all of the variety of is just never enough.
The landing with the clostet on the right and the door you see there leads into the room where the den will be.


The this lovely room was quite the suprise. The wallpaper you see is the TOP layer, there was another one underneath, and then there was a nice layer of paint...I'll get a picture of that...lovely flowers and all!
Master bedroom...ahh the lace curtains.
The other bedroom...I need a better picture of it. This one is the nightmare room. There are 2 layers of wallpaper as well, but both are very hard to get off...we've been putting this room off as long as we can!
My master closet...looks smaller than it is in this picture...there are tons of shelves on the left there.

The kitchen

Our lovely balcony...notice the beautiful fabric along the railing...isn't it beautiful??
The kitchen. The cupboards are bleached from the sun, but notice the wallpaper...butterflies!
Again, the butterflies!
Nice little desk, the shelf is removable, and will be removed, along with the table and chair, and phone...all little gifts left for us!

The front room

Here is the door way leading into the kitchen

Just a little nook, and the ONLY walls in the house that were NOT wallpapered.
The front entry. Ahhh...the lovely vines!
Nice fireplace
The bay window at the front of the house

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well I've been catching a lot of flack for not updating my blog. I've been a huge slacker lately, I admit it...and it's not like nothing's been going on, there has been tons, but I've still be slacking. Maybe it's the overwhelming amount of stuff that I get so busy that there's no time to update. Yes, that must be it! Well since I posted last, I'll give you a little overview.

We went to General Conference in Utah because Dad got called to be a new Area Seventy. It was very exciting, and he's been thrilled with his opportunities so far. We are so proud of him, and so happy for him too! Then after that, since it was a good time to have Luke's blessing, the whole family made their way to Denver. All I have to say about that is that I would move there in a second. We LOVED Denver. Luke's blessing was wonderful, and it was so nice to have the entire family together...but we're being overrun with children...soon they will outnumber the adults...that's a scary thought. But they're all so cute, we'll go ahead and keep them!

Then we were home to continue our search for a new home. Well, we found one. So, we're moving and selling our condo. Since the prices of homes is so horrible here, we found a bi-level split with a walkout basement, and tons of natural light down there, and we're putting in a kitchen, and buying the house with Jeffrey and Emily, and Kevin. So we're living upstairs, and Jeffrey and Emily are downstairs. We love the house, except for one minor issue, it's COVERED in wallpaper!! So Emily and I have some serious work to do!!! And I'll have the time, because I've quit my job at the dental office...only for a month, and then I'll find another one, but it's going to be so nice to have the time to fix the house! We take possession on Tuesday, so that's crazy! But I'm soo excited to have more space! Another bedroom, a kitchen with windows, hardwood, 2 bay's going to be awesome!

Lastly, we're hoping to get away to the condo for the long weekend...I love the May long weekend! It's the kick off to my favorite time of year! We're just hoping that we can get things with the house squared away, or we might not be able to go at all. So keep your fingers crossed that our house sells! Other than all of that, Michael and I are doing great! He's working landscaping for the summer again, and importing cars from the States, so I'll enjoy my month off while I send him to work everyday. Poor guy, but hey, I did it for a few years so he can have a small turn! I'll get some pictures of the new house...I want everyone to see the wallpaper I'm talking about! But, we'll fix it, and it'll be wonderful!