Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Halloween was more fun this year even though it was on a Sunday! I think I like that best to be honest. I know I won't feel that way when my kids are over, but it was awesome. We had a huge trunk or treat at the church, and then a wonderful soup night on Sunday with the Palmer clan. We didn't have to rush the soup and we just stayed there are the kids handed out candy to trick or treaters. It was really fun! Claire was a fairy, Warren was a robot, and in this picture we were going to my YW activity so I dressed up as Warren's inventor. It was really last minute and the best I could do!!
She loves this costume and wears it all the time. I had to leave it at my mom's house until Halloween or she would have worn it and ruined it before Halloween even got here!
Sean dressed up for the trunk or treat complete with his own dental creation. His fangs looked awesome and although it looks like he is terrifying her, she was laying down before this happened and didn't even know he was behind her. Don't worry!
Us at the trunk or treat. I didn't get dressed up, but I did hand out the candy, and I decorated the car for that!

I need to take a better picture of Warren in his costume. He looked so cute. He helped me hand out the candy. I couldn't believe how many kids were there. It was insane.