Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm back! We'll see for how long??

I thought I would try to add some stuff that has happened around here. I've been ridiculous at this. Warren is going to be 7 months next week and I have no posts of him. That's just sad. Poor boy. We do love him and we do take pictures of him, there just doesn't seem to be enough time to post any of it.

We finally got to put Warren in the jolly-jumper, and he LOVES it! It's a lot more hazardous for him than it ever was for Claire though. If we don't keep a close watch, Claire will swing him. Danger!
As you can see, he can't do it on his own very often.
I love this one because of how he looks. He LOVES Claire and will frantically search for her and the erupt in laughter once he sees her. It's the cutest thing!
This is just life. Trying to balance them both has been harder for me that I would have guessed. Claire isn't the easiest going girl and we are trying to figure out how to make everything work. She is asleep here and I just love how Warren's got his hand on her. Sibling love!


Ryan + Jess said...

YOU'RE BACK!! Ok, Warren is adorable. Such a handsome guy! I love that last picture. Your little family is so cute and we MISS you guys!!

Keep the posts coming!!

Michael said...

This last picture reminds me why it's so nice to come home every day.

I love you guys.