Sunday, February 19, 2012


We celebrated big in the Palmer house this year! Nt really, but we did something and for use that is big. Claire and i made balentimes (as she puts it) amd we also made heart shaped sugar cookies. They were the best cookies I've ever made and I celebrated my succes by eating half of them. This was not good for my weight watchers.

Michael and I got engaged on February 13th. Instead of celebrating valentines day with everyone else, we celebrate the 13th. This year, we went back to the scene of the crime and had dinner at the top of the Calgary tower. It was so fun to go back and honestly, I felt all nervous and exciting at dinner. All of the memories flooded back in and I love those moment where you fall in love more than you thought you could. We also saw The Vow, which we really liked. It was nice to know that if that ever happened to me, I would still know Michael, I just might think it was weird I married him.

We have had a busy few days and just got back from Invermere last night. We went out with the Pratts and stayed for a night. On our way in, we stopped at the hot springs in radium. Claire was in heaven and warren was a little nervous which just made him totally snugly and I loved it! He just let me hold him and kiss him and, for those who know him, is a rare thing. We had a great time and Claire was devaste to leave. Seriously, she screamed for a hour until she fell asleep and then she woke up screaming again. It was a delightful drive home.


KandyJill said...

Aahh Invermere... Hot springs... so nice! I'd probably throw a tantrum if I had to leave too!! Sounds like you guys had an awesome V-Day too! :)