Monday, February 06, 2012

A little sad

Michael must have pulled up our blog recently because I found it open on the ipad this morning. I realized, after reading old posts, that I really love having thing written down. I have missed so much and I know I will regret not writing it all down. So, I thought I should pick up blogging again. Things have changed a ton since writing last. Claire is 3 weeks away from turning 4 and Warren is 21 months old. Claire is taking a dance class and a playschool class once and week and she is in heaven. She loves her classes and it fills me with guilt that we didn't get her going sooner. She has learned some dance moves and she will show them to anyone who is willing to watch. She loves to dress up for class, and she's always trying to wear her play clothes to class. She is now a sunbeam at church and she's been missing nursery like crazy. She loved it in there and we've been dealing with her "never wanting to be a sunbeam!" It's sad. I'm sure she won't take long to get into it though. She loves to draw and "do craft". Right now she is drawing me a heart with all the color of the rainbow. She loves to dress up and is rarely actually dressed. She and I butt heads a lot, and sometimes it can be so frustrating. She likes to be right and if I disagree then everything comes apart. We are working on it! She is delightful most of the time though. She is a great helper around the house. She loves to set the table and make her bed. She loves to play with Warren and be with her cousins. She tells everyone she meets about her friends Jaclyn and Jacey.

Warren is now a crazy toddler!! He is such a boy. He is into everything and destroying is his favorite past time. He barely talks. He says "uh oh", "no", nods his head, "mama" but not usually referring to me. He uses it like "no". When he watches a show with Claire, if the characters ask a question, he always says "nooo". It usually works with Diego when they are asking a question, but sometimes on other shows they ask if the kids want to play too and he says "nooo". It's really cute! He loves to dance! He dances and jumps most of the day. Lately he has been dancing like a Bollywood dancer. He puts his arm out to the side and his palm up to the ceiling and he turns in a circle following his arm (if that makes sense). We got a good laugh out of that a few days ago. He sleeps like a dream. He loves his bed, his blue blanket and his iggle piggle doll or his blue bear. He loves to be outside and will literally run around the entire neighborhood without stopping. Then when it's time to come in, he collapses in tears. He snuggles very rarely and really doesn't care to even interact with most people. He will snuggle me though, and sit with me and lay his head down on me. I like this! He will do it a little with Michael, but mostly with me!

Michael is in school again. He's close to being done. We are excited for that day! We are still in Citadel and I'm at home with the kids. Michael is a Sunday School teacher and I'm the secretary in the YW Program. We love our callings and the ward. We are both now 30 and we are trying to scheme a trip to celebrate the milestone. It's almost a go but until it is I won't write it down for fear of jinxing it!


Nicole Hudson said...

YES YES YES YES! Keep blogging!! I miss your family!!

KandyJill said...

You have no idea how happy it made me to see an update from you! :) :) You need to be taking more pictures and posting more videos... well, posting in general is fabulous! But keep it up! I love hearing about what's going on at home - especially where we don't get to be there to witness these kids grow up!