Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Claire and her daddy

I didn't even remember that we took this picture until I was going through them to post today. It's so cute. When she's really serious about her binky, she'll grab your hand to hold her binky in tighter. I'm so glad that we got this picture. I love her little quirks.
This is my favorite of them to date. This picture captures perfectly just how much Michael loves his little girl. This is pretty much the face he has on any time he's near her. She knows her daddy too. At church on Sunday, she was sitting with Cindy Pratt right in front of us, and she put her over her shoulder. As soon as Claire saw Michael she gave the HUGEST smile, and didn't stop smiling at him. It was adorable.
She loves him
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Emily said...

I lied again! I can't help myself. That picture of Michael & Claire is SOO cute! And I remembered that when Jacey was born, you had Jeffrey and him do that same pose and it is one of my favorites of them!! Good work Melin, it's a classic picture!!

kandicejill said...

I love seeing them together! You can just see the excitement in both of their faces all the time! I love that Michael just can't stop talking about her when you're with him.. it's all so very exciting. And she just loves him too! The best is when Michael imitates her taking a poop or something haha.