Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Claire and her mama

Claire is starting to realize that I'm her mom, and it's the best thing ever. Lately, she'll fuss until she gets back to me. I can't even express how this melts my heart.

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The Hartle's said...

I know what you mean! When she smiles at me I cant decide if I should just start crying right there... its the best!

JA Crew said...

so cute!! and you look really good melin!!

kandicejill said...

You seriously don't even look like you had a baby just 2 months ago -- you are lookin great! I see so much of both you and Michael in her. If I tell myself that she looks like you and then see a picture.. I totally see you. And then if I tell myself that she looks just like Michael, I can see so many similarities with them as well! She's so cute!