Monday, April 07, 2008

The new camera!

So we did it! We finally got ourselves a wonderful new camera. I'm still a camera retard so I know there's so much more I need to learn, and invest in...starting with a good flash, but oh my goodness...what a difference in picture quality! I'm in love with it! So here's a little preview of what we've taken so far of our girl!
She's getting so strong, and we just discovered that she LOVES tummy time...(mostly because she toots the entire time).
My new favorite I think. It's always so hard to really capture what they look like in a picture, but this does a pretty good job!
Her little feet, and they've grown so much already.
And her little profile. So tiny.
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Amber said...

those pictures are so cute. She is adorable.

Heather said...

Your camera rocks & so does your kid!! :) She is so cute. Those are the first real lively photos I've seen of her! I LOVE HER! She is soo soo cute! And I'm so happy to see her using my blanky that I gave her! Yey!
Can't wait to meet her!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

what kind of camera did you get? it is sooooooo great quality!! and that is why I love tummy time too!!