Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Family Night

So Amy and Brad and kiddies arrived early this morning, and we're so excited to have them here. They had to drive through the night so needless to say, they were wiped. We all met at Mom and Dad's after work and such for pizza. I brought my camera of course!! I hope none of you are sick of seeing pics of kids that aren't mine, but they are the best to practice photography on. I had to take advantage of all 10 grand kids being here at the same time. I'll be taking lots in the next few days I'm sure. Anyway, there are 10 in total as old as 10 and as young as 8 months. They love being together!

Here's Catie and Sommer with the babies. It's so hard to take a pic of all of them looking in the same direction at the same time

Lara was mocking my self portraits. It's the only way to document that I was actually there too.
So she did one of herself to show me what I looked like...pretty funny actually. I have much more practice than she does hey?
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Sladek Family said...

great pictures yet again. how fun to have everyone together! i bet your parents are loving having all the grandkids together.

Brooke Wittwer said...

You're a pretty good photographer already! I love the pics of your family-keep them coming, they're fun :).

Jason & Shannon Salmon said...

Cute pictures. Thanks for the advice on postin pictures through "blog it"! That will be so much easier!!