Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Belated Birthday

Well we finally got to celebrate Cyndi's birthday with her on Saturday. The family went out for dinner at Chili's and then back to the house for ice cream and peaches. She didn't want a cake. The kids all chipped in a bought her a private ballroom dance lesson for her and Kevin, and a cd of a bunch of ballroom music to get them started! We think they'll love it.
She's really just posing for the picture since the flash was taking forever.
This is Michael and me at Chili's before everyone got there. We had just been at Peter's with my family while they ate dinner so we got to the restaurant early.
I just liked this one of Michael eating his ice cream. Posted by Picasa


J B & N Rawlins said...

You can tell the peaches and ice cream are good becuase of his face.. it is the "what I wasn't really listening, this is too good" face!