Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Random shots

I was just messing with the camera as always. Michael was making fun of me tellin me that he's excited to see all of the flowers from all of the trips we take. What a punk, but I just tell him I'm experiementing. I have to see what the camera can do for me.
The grasshoppers there were honestly sick. If you walked out onto the grass they would come out all over the place. The whole place was being taken over.

Just another pretty flower.

On the way home we got to see this moose. It was huge and thankfully I had my camera ready to go. Those things really aren't that nice looking are they?

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Heather said...

OK, I'm so impressed by not only your camera; but your skills woman! Those shots are awesome. What setting did you use for the moon?

Kiley said...

Hope you dont mind me peeking at your blog again - but I was just wondering what kind of camera you have? Your shots are amazing! I would love to invest in a really good camera, and would like to know what type you are using. Thanks!

Melinda Palmer said...

Look as often as you want Kiley. I look at yours too! The camera I have is a Sony DSC H2. I really love it. There are other brands that are similar to it, but I found that the Sony has the best features for the money. We did a ton of research so if you want to know anything else, just let me know!