Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Catch up

Well after my horrible posting experiences at home, I decided I would just take a few minutes out of my lunch break and fill everyone in on what's been going on with me lately, since I've been MIA. Well not a ton of interesting things have been going on. Michael and I are still in the market for a new car. He keeps bringing all of these options to the table and it makes me crazy. I've just decided to wait it out and see what happens. So, who knows what we may be driving in the next little while. I however, have 2 new obsessions. First, I am obsessed with Turbo Jam. It's an awesome workout program and it's honestly so fun. It reminds me of the aerobics class Amber, Tasha, and I would take at Ricks with Cardio. Oh, the good ol' days! I loved that class because Kristy would get right in your face and make you work harder, and this workout does the same for me. I've never really been one to LOVE working out, but I figure it's time since I had to get out my bigger pants again. Sad. Not for long though if I can help it!

My other obsession is The Office. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show. It's hilarious and there is the best love story in it. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a new show to watch. Michael and I watched the second season last week and we laughed a lot. I know most people have their shows they are addicted to, but since Friends, I haven't really had one that I HAVE to watch, but I do now. I'm also very curious about Grey's Anatomy. I saw the recap show right before the season premiere, but that's all I've seen. I will say I was interested. Any thoughts?

Other than that, not much new. Michael and I have a few new food favs for the moment. I love salads with cilantro right in there. It's amazing, and then virgin ceasars. Mmmmm. You know the post is struggling when you're talking about the food you like at the moment, but I'm at work and don't have pictures to talk about so I'm doing my best. Well, I'm excited about Conference this weekend. It always feels like I should be in Utah since it was sort of a tradition in my family. I got to go to sessions every time while I was down at school, so it makes me feel like I should be there, but we're not going.

Oh, and the last thing. I'm totally in love with fall right now too! I know it's a favorite for a lot of you. I'm in love with the smells, the sweaters, the leaves, but NOT the getting dark earlier. I wish I could custom design a season. Well now I'm going to go and use my next 20 minutes for eating. So much better to just post at home. I would do it this week but I'm going to the cannery with Erin and Mom tonight, tomorrow I have my activity, and then on Thursday a presidency meeting and THE OFFICE, so I'll be busy enough at night!


Lara said...

Lucy has the first 2 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. She said I could borrow it. She loves it. Interested? I kind of like the getting dark earlier. It feels more cozy or something.

Lara said...

Lucy has the first 2 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. She said I could borrow it. She loves it. Interested? I kind of like the getting dark earlier. It feels more cozy or something.

Christensen said...

Melin, Cade and I love the office too. It's very funny! I think Dwight is my favorite character.

Calloways said...

The Office is the BEST SHOW on television. I cannot express my love in words. It is the funniest show and I am so glad that you loved it. When I try to explain it to people they never get it. My all time favorite episode is The Injury (the one where Michael burns his foot) Matt and I LOVE the Office it is SOOOO good. We also watch Grey's it is really good too but in a totally different way....and being that I am obsessed with TV, allow me to recommend Studio 60, I really like it so far. And if you liked x-men try Heroes on NBC, it is COOL. (okay can you tell I like to talk about TV ;)

Heather said...

Ok. Grey's Anatomy is a MUST SEE! It's my fave. Also a GREAT show you need to watch: HOUSE! It's on on Tuesday nights at 9 your time and it's totally fun! Seriously. You have to get hooked on those 2. I have been wanting to see the office. Maybe I'll rent them.

Keep up the good work with Turbo Jam! There is nothing better than finding a workout you ENJOY! So I'm happy for you.

Oh..and the ceasars...I'm totally with you on those. Do you make them at home with that seasoning salt we left you? They are DIVINE!

Fernandez Family said...

I'm so glad you updated. When i get bored at work and shift through all the blogs, I always enjoy your new pictures...motivates me to get a new camera. Give Grey's a chance...its my favorite show right now. My husband won't watch it with me because its too "girl" which is a sign of its greatness!

Kiley said...

Hey Melinda - thanks so much for letting me know what your camera type is. We checked into them, and ended up getting a deal on the H5 at the Sony store the other day. I loves it! Just in time for new baby pics! So thanks again, I think its a great investment.

And also, Greys Anatomy is a super good show, but be careful - its VERY addictive! And since I just sit around home a lot lately, growing this person, may I also recommend the new shows 'The Class', very funny, and 'Jerico', very intense. :o)