Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hitting the open road

Well not a whole lot to report for today. I'm starting to not feel too well, I think a cold might be coming on. Plus I got my teeth whitened yesterday at the office and they were super sensitive. So today I had one of the hygenists put some desensitizing liquid on them which got all over the iside of my lips so now it feels like they are all shrivelled on the inside and they also feel like it's going to peel off. Fun hey? The joys of trying to be beautiful. The worst part is that no one who comes to have the whitening done is sensitive at all. That's just the kind of luck I have I guess. The strange things always happen to me. I'm cursed.
Well Michael and I are going to head up to Invermere tomorrow. The Palmer clan has a condo in Heron Point that we all love. We're going just the 2 of us so that will be really fun. It'll be nice to just watch movies, and read books, and walk around Invermere for a while. Hopefully the pool and hot tub are up and running!
I'll take some pictures to show. It's funny how I now take my camera places I normally wouldn't just on the off chance that I might come out with something "blogworthy". Anyone else feel the same? Well...until Monday! Don't miss me too much my fellow bloggers!


J B & N Rawlins said...

Invemere.. sounds dreamy.. i miss that place. and ya i totally bring my cam everywhere!