Monday, April 17, 2006

Feed the Hungry

Yesterday was a wonderful Easter for us Palmers, even though the easter bunny (who lives in Arizona) who has been my easter bunny for the last few years, seems to have forgotten where I live and so Michael and I were not part of any hunts this year. Sad. But that also means that we were not part of any major overdose of chocolate that also follows easter bunny visits. For that we are grateful. Instead, we went to Michael's brother's ward to hear Jeffrey and Emily give talks. We have church at the same time so no one else in the family could really go so we thought we would. They both did wonderful jobs! We then rushed over to our ward, which was running over time, in order to teach our Sunday School class (the 16/17 year olds). We were standing out in the foyer waiting for Sacrament Meeting to end. My father in law (and the Bishop) was wrapping up the meeting and talking about some of the missionaries he's been able to see come and go, and pointing out some of then who were in the audience when he decided to point out his son, Michael. He said "and my son Michael...Where is my son?" Everyone laughed inside, and there we were outside the door. What are the chances? Of all the days he chooses to point out Michael. We had a good laugh. Then our class went well. Michael is a great teacher. The only thing that was bad happened when the Sunday School President entered the picture. He thinks poorly of us because he thinks we are always running late. We thought we should end at 5 after the hour, and so we did, for months. Then he came in and stood at the back of a class we had one Sunday, and waited for us to wrap up. He then scolded us for being late. We told him we didn't know we were late and he said that we were to end right on the hour. So, even though we were right, we obliged. I guess yesterday we were late again because at the end of the lesson, I was bearing my testimony, and in he walked, let the door slam, and then he just stood and stared at us. It made me so mad. He's just so rude about it. It just makes me want to run late to tick him off.

Anyway, back to the title of this blog. What I really wanted to write about was what we got to do yesterday. We were able to join our ward, and Bow Valley Ward in serving dinner to those less fortunate downtown at St. Mary's Cathedral. It was quite the experience for me. The room was smaller than I thought it would be, but the line of people to get in was not! There were so many people there. It was hardest to see the families walk in. Those little children. It was a great experience to give of our time to help. It was a good easter, the easter bunny brought us that opportunity instead of a basket!


Judy Taylor said...

Who ARE these people? And who let them wear their hair that way?

J B & N Rawlins said...

Ok cute pic.. and I totally used to benefit from your easter bunny too.. she does treat you right with LOADS of candy!!