Sunday, August 17, 2008

A few days at the condo...ahhhhhh

Well we just got back from the condo last night. We thought we had missed so much summer that we packed up and drove out there for a few days. It's so much harder to do last minute now with all of the gear we have to drag along, but it was so worth it. We had some fun at the pool and the lake. Michael got in his fair share of seadooing, and he was happy. They even went quading and came back very dirty. Kevin, Cyndi, Brett and Hillary were there with us. It was such nice weather. Claire was so snoopy there. She couldn't stop looking all around, and she even had a hard time sleeping because of it. She didn't want to miss anything. Cyndi made us amazing food, and we had gelato, so I was as happy as a clam. We headed back late last night so we could be back for Stake Conference with Elder Holland. It was so nice to hear him speak. I'm always so amazed to be with any of the brethren in a more intimate setting. He was so funny! He seemed so much more at ease than he seems in General Conference. I even got to shake his hand at the end. I was standing at the back of the chapel looking for Michael, and he happened to come out that door. He stopped to talk to my sister Erin before and luckily, she introduced herself, and then pointed to me, or he might not have shaken my hand too. It was a good day. We're now off to family dinner. Here are some pictures from the weekend!

She finally gave in for a nap on the beach.

Oh, she's started to spit all of the time. It's hilarious, but so annoying as you're trying to feed her rice cereal. It shoots EVERYWHERE!
She also enjoyed some gelato. She is so into food, and she LOVES to drink water from a water bottle...not so much from a real baby bottle. We're working on that.


kandicejill said...

That is too cute -- that picture of her spitting! She has such luscious lips! Wish I coulda gone out there with you guys!

Heather Ward said...

Alas...she gets to eat IceCream...or something like it. I bet she was one happy baby. She's so curious and into everything now...just wait until she crawls in a few months. lol. She's going to be a whirlwind. And we'll all just smile and watch her in awe! I love her. That second last pic of her face all squished up is my new fave!! It's awesome! :)
Wish we could have been there with you guys!

Lara said...

Melinda you need to make my blog cute. I love the pics especially the squishy face one.

Emily said...

melin those pictures are so cute!!! i LOVE her spitting one, so adorable! i'm glad you guys had fun @ the condo! i want to go again before the cold weather comes.

Emily said...

melinda, i just came to your blog expecting to see the same old post that was there the last time. but i have to admit, i was shocked to see that i had missed about 6 posts!!!! i'm sorry i doubted you. and that i took so long to comment! your pictures are all so good, you are getting really good at working photoshop. thanks for the update on your summer!!!

Nicole Breanne said...

Melinda! Your blog is amazing! I am in love with all the pictures of Claire. She is so beautiful. I, too love the picture of her spitting. Here cheeks look so big it makes her eyes close...too funny! And her ripply arms are pretty cute too! ...and yummy yummy gelato. Bet her food didn't taste as good after that!! he he. Anyway, hope everything is going well!