Friday, January 23, 2009

New Years Eve

So for New Years Eve we went to Blaine and Linda Palmer's for a crab feast. It was pretty much my first time eating crab, and I have to admit...I liked it. It was fun to get together with the whole Palmer clan for a while. We ended the evening at Kevin and Cyndi's with just our fam...minus Kandice and Brett who still get to go out for the evening. I did document all that were there, but for fear of what they will do to me if I post their pictures without their approval, I have just posted these! you guys!


Emily said...

hahaha, thank you for your consideration!! i would like to see the pictures though! that was fun!!

Heather Ward said...

Yey...I love that you updated! And thank you for your consideration. Bring some over and we'll photoshop them so you can post them. ;) lol.