Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby's first Christmas

Christmas morning was so fun for us! Since we could see downstairs and all of the goodies that Santa had brought from upstairs, we gathered all of the children on the railing to torture them until everyone was ready to head downstairs. Claire was the last one up, but she was excited to be sitting with the kids. It was so adorable!

I just loved Nixon's face in this one so much that I had to post it too! He's just so excited! is Claire...but she has no idea why she's excited!
Her first baby doll from Santa. She loved it!
The first gift she got to open. She had some helpers to assist in unwrapping it.
Just to prove I was there!
Standing on the rest of the presents.


Emily said...

that was so fun, i love watching the kids get so excited!!! christmas already feels like a million years ago! how sad!

Emily said...
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