Friday, January 23, 2009

Melchin Christmas

After we finished at the Palmer's, we headed to my parents house to have Christmas with those of us who were in still in the country. We had a great time seeing everyone. I tried to get some pictures to document, and they are all pretty true to what everyone was doing most of the day.
Matt with his new guitar!
Scott documenting with their new video camera...which is so sweet by the way!
The cute Wolff girls being so cute!
Mom opening her gifts. This has always been the BEST part of Christmas for me!
Dad opening his speakers.
Claire playing with the remote control cars.
Erin working on the puzzle...
Grandma and Grandpa opening their gifts.
And, I HAD to post this one. This is what Erin was REALLY doing. Trying to fix Grace's gift and not too happy about it!


Emily said...

haha, nice erin! putting together toys can be ridiculous sometimes! they don't always make it easy! looks like you guys had fun there!