Tuesday, January 27, 2009

11 Months Old

I can't even believe we're one month away from Clarie turning 1. This is the faster year of my life by far. I tried to get some cute pictures of her today, but she wasn't into smiling much. I still got a few in her darling baby jailbird outfit. I love this outfit! She's so cute in it! Anyway, here's the update for 11 months.

-She's saying a few more words now. "Ba-ba", "daddy", "hi", "bye", but nothing even close to "mama". It's so not fair. She also jabbers all the time like she's really talking to you. She uses different sounds, and different inflections in her voice to really get her point across.
-She's taken 7 steps...that's her record.
-She's stopped eating baby food, and is now super hard to feed. She doesn't seem to like a ton of things so it can be tricky. If she likes it, she says "mmmmm", and if she doesn't like it, or is donw with it, she spits it right back out. Some of the things she does like are nutrigrain bars, pancakes, egg yolks, rice krispies, peas and green beans (not the baby food kind...the real deal) and if there are peas and carrots together, she will pick out the peas and leave the carrots.
-She is dancing more and more, and it's so cute to see her shake her little body.
-She melts our hearts every day, and we can't even believe we're so lucky to have her.

I know this post is sort of boring, but I wanted to remember all of these things, so you get to know them too!!


Amber said...

I love all the pics. She is so cute. I can't believe our babies are almost 1.

Emily said...

oh she is so precious!! i love her so much! i can't believe she's 11 months!!! i love reading the update on her "skills", it's fun!! you're so good at recording them!! i can't wait to see her walk, i can't believe it..7 steps, that's huge!! :) all your pictures are beautiful, it's such a cute outfit too!