Wednesday, June 07, 2006


So I'm sorry that I've been awol. I really have a hard time posting without a picture to go along with it. I guess any post is better than no post. Not a lot has been going on lately. Kandice had her grad on Friday, and we went to the convocation and we went to see them all dressed up. Those girls looked beautiful! It was very fun to see them since most of the are in our Sunday School class. I'll be sad when they leave us for the single's ward :( I know they must move on though, and these years hold great things for them. Saturday, we did nothing. It was so nice. In the evening we went to Jeffrey and Emily's and watched some of Ultraviolet. It was brutal! We then played some family feud. That was great except Michael and I stunk at it. We did however win the last game. Woohoo for us! Sunday we got to Church and found out that the Missionaries would be teaching our class for three weeks, so we just sat and watched! We then went to Lara's for dinner, and played with the kiddies. Monday we went to check out the furniture and accessories from my dad's showhome. He's getting rid of all of it so I might be able to cash in on some great stuff for a low price. Last night we went to Brett's basketball game...which he won...with the whole fam. All in all, not a whole lot been's going on, but I just thought I'd fill you all in a little!


Heather said...

Ultraviolet? Is that one of Jeffrey's strange newage/futuristic movies?

Melinda Palmer said...

It was a movie Jeffrey chose, yes. And, it was...interesting. It only lasted about 10 min thankfully.

Heather said...

Blogger oh blogger...where are thou?

Jeffrey should NEVER be allowed to pick the movies. I wish I were there to say "HEY! are NOT allowed to pick the movie!"