Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back at it

Well we got back from our Invermere trip late on Monday night. It was so nice to be out there. The weather was beautiful!! It was so hot. On Saturday, we launched the jetskis and had a grand ol' time out on the lake. Michael and I were stuck on the XP when we were all together because Emily needed the stabily on the GTX for her gentle pregnancy ride. We were more than happy to oblige, but riding with 2 people on the machine is so hard. It's so unstable, and an extremely rough ride. My arms and legs were super sore the next day from clinging on for my life. It is always nice to get out on them though. The lake was so nice, but crowded. When I say crowded, I mean insane. There were so many people out there who didn't seem to have a clue what they were doing. It was a little frightening at times. Emily and I let the boys go out for a little while and we stayed on the beach. Michael sure loves those things, and I must admit, I find him very attractive while riding them! He's so cute. We then went back to the condo for a dip in the pool and some yummy dinner. We made chicken, corn on the cob, and veggie skewers. The corn was so yummy I want Taber corn to get here! I loved it. We then hit Dairy Queen for some treats, and back to the condo for a movie. We watched the Pink Panther. I fell asleep and missed the end, but what I saw was funny!

Sunday we went to Church, came home, watched a ton of movies and basically just sat around. I fell asleep early and totally missed the arrival of the rest of the family. We woke up on Monday and started all over again. I chose to sit at the pool this time though. It was a good thing for me because one of the jetskis broke and a lot of time was spent trying to fix it. I however relaxed at the pool with Cyndi. It was so nice. I really love it there! We're going back to stay at a cabin with my family the last week of July. It's always nice to be right on the lake. It feels so different when you can wake up and get right to all the water fun. I'm excited for that!

Yesterday was spent relaxing and hanging out with Erin and the kids, and my mom. I played with the kids and finally got to show Mom and Dad the cruise dvd Michael made. They liked it a lot. It's so good. Then I headed home to find Michael there finally. They work really long days now so I don't see him until later everyday. We then drove to Peter's and got some treats. I have to go into work today and get some stuff done, and then it's right back to it tomorrow. It's so hard to want to go back to it after all of that. Oh well, what else can I do?

The only really fun thing going on is our quest for a new camera. We are deciding between a few of them, and it's taking a while. Our options are fun, and I can't wait to just have it. I'm sure it won't be too much longer. Are you all so excited?


Christensen said...

Melin, you are making me exicted for the cabin!!! I can't wait to get out there. We need to teach Cade to jet ski etc. I think he's only been once.

Amber Curtis said...

I hate coming home from vacation it is so depressing. I bet you are tan after spending all that time in the sun.

Judy Taylor said...

Melinda, please let us know which cameras you are looking at so we can tell you which one we like the best! I'm looking forward to the vote tally. I know that you will buy the camera that gets the most votes, right? Haven't found the right color red yet, but still looking.

Sladek Family said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!
What does Michael do for work?
Are you still at Dr. Evans?

J B & N Rawlins said...

You are making me hungry with this dairy queen and peters talk.. and I just ate! I am definatly prego! haha Invemere time sounds so fun! Ghost just isn't the same thing!! Cant wait to see you - call me when you can!

Melinda Palmer said...

Michael is mowing lawns for his uncle, and I'm working for my brother in law, but we moved locations. We're now in the Northland Prof Building.

Christensen said...

I must admit, I find him very attractive while riding them! He's so cute.??

Will I be able to ride the jetskis without that awkward feeling knowing that you are checking ME out too? Please no gawking. Thanks.

Melinda Palmer said...

I will try my best to control myself Cade.

Sladek Family said...

oh no way. i didn't know that. when did that move happen?
is the lawn business doing well? they've had great weather for it.
as for finding out what baby #3 is... we tried and they say they can't tell what it is. oh well, we have one of each so at least we've got the clothes :)