Monday, July 31, 2006

The New Camera

Yes....I are all so excited about the fact that we got our new camera! I'm thrilled myself, and I LOVE it. It's my new best toy ever. I spent a lot of time playing with it and trying to figure out just what it is capable of. The first night I put it to the test was the night of our Melchin family picnic at Shouldice Park. Here's just a sample of what this baby can do! We left the next day for Windermere, and I took tons of pics out there. This is our little Hannah
Sommer B
My new name for Erik is Squishy
I love this one of Papa and the Squish
Here's a pic of us (minus Amy) at Ross and Nicole's Wedding Reception.

You can tell what my future babies will be put through when they're born. I love taking pics of the kiddies! They like to have their picture taken, and will pose for me! Why do we grow out of that? Why do most adults shy away from smiling for the camera? Come on people, we're documenting lives here! Get on board!


Heather said...

Oh how I've missed you. Nice pix! Looks like the new camera is awesome!

Melinda Palmer said...

It's so good to feel missed! I love the new camera so you can expect me around more!

BrittanyB said...

You are a fabulous photographer!