Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Claire absolutely loves to read books. She is constantly bringing them to us and saying "book" so we will pull her onto our laps and read to her. It's so adorable! She would sit and read for hours with you if you would let her. That's how she learned to say "again" actually. So the other day, she brings me this little book that has 3 words that start with the letter F. This is how is went...
Claire: "Gg gg gg goggies"
Claire: "Gg goggies"
Me: "Foot"
Claire: "GOGGIES"
Everything is a goggie(doggie), to her. It's hilarious. She was getting so mad at me for not saying the right word, so she just corrected me over and over again. Funny little munch!

There is also this one book (the one is the picture below) that is her favorite. There are questions on each page that make you count something. So we read it and I count, and she points, and then after each page, she says "good girl" to herself, and we go on. Hilarious!


kandicejill said...

I cannot get over how smart she is! I'm sad I never got to hear her say my name while I was in town -- but hopefully when I move back in 3 weeks she'll get used to having me around again and will not be so shy! :D