Wednesday, July 01, 2009

One last tidbit

This morning, Claire was laying in bed with us when she fully tooted. Afterward she says, "poopoo", then pauses for a minute and says "toooot". Nice things we're teaching her hey?

She also just came running into the room saying "uphighs" which is her word for high five. She wanted a few high fives, then she yelled "Yay", and ran out again! Such a weird girl. Oh, and to add onto her word list...things she's said for a while but I forgot to add.
"Ohhh Dude"
"Ohhh geez"
Those 2 started because one day I was changing her, and she had a big poopy diaper so I had to use the diaper I brought just to contain it. I let her up for a second while I rushed to get another diaper, and while she was naked, she peed on the floor. As I see this, I yell "Oh crap", and after that her new favorite word was "oh crap". Since I was raised that this is NOT a good word, I knew my mom would kill me if she ever heard Claire say that. So we learned from that day that we could no longer say that word, and we retrained her to say things that were much less offensive, and just plain cute! You really have to hear her say those 2 phrases to understand the cuteness of it!


kandicejill said...

Haha she seriously is a little parrot! I still need to hear her say my name! She's such a sweetheart!

KandyJill said...

Oh... and I've finally posted again :D

KandyJill said...

You are overdue for a post :)