Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's wrong with me?

So I've figured out that I'm really bad at updating my blog. I'm sure you all figured that out way before I did though. I think it's the pressure to post pictures along with my ramblings. I have decided however, that it's more important for my family history to write something often, even if I have no pictures. So, to catch up on what my little family has been doing, I'll write a little today. Since the beginning of May, life has been going to fast it seems. Claire had swimming lessons, which she LOVED. We got a few pictures on the iphone, but not the best quality. At least it's proof that she was there though. She loved the water, and learned to really slash in it. She goes all the way under without hesitation, and loved to go down the slide. I would have to wait until the lesson was over to take her on it because if we went during free time, she would squirm to get out of my arms for the rest of the time. She loved to sit on the edge of the pool too, and wasn't afraid to step off the edge either. I had to be really careful to be right there, or she would just get in the water by herself. She's hilarious.

As much as we can, we have been taking family bike rides. It's so nice to be out in the warmth, and we try to take advantage of it because it seems like the countdown is on for fall already. Summer passes so quickly. Claire loves her chariot, and falls asleep more often than not while we're riding. She hated it at first, but now there are no complaints when we put her in it.

We had a big garage sale a few weeks ago. It was the first one I've ever participated in, and I don't know if it was even worth it. It's so much effort, and then to sell things, you practically have to give them away. I'm glad it's done, and I'm glad we now have room in the garage for our bikes.

I got called back into YW's, and I'm actually going to go to girls camp this year. I'm a little nervous to leave Claire. It will be the first time I've ever been away from her. She'll be fine, but I'm not sure about myself. Michael will be keeping her, and she loves him so much she won't even notice I'm gone. I'm the most nervous about the camp site though. I'm not a huge camper, but if you put me somewhere with flush toilets, and showers, I'm alright. Our camp site has 1 outhouse for everyone!! Sick. There are no showers, but there's a creek? I'm not too happy about it, but I know there will be lots of years I won't be able to go at all, so I'm sucking it up and going. Brutal!

We have a few trips coming up for the summer. We're going to Kalispell, and Sand Point. I know we'll go to Invermere in there too, and I'm really excited for all of it!

Lastly, Claire has become the best little talker. Her vocabulary now includes
Heather,Gannon,Brett,Jacey,Canny (her name for Jaclyn),Manny (Madison),Papa, Nana, Mimi
thank you
good girl
you ok?
Michael (she calls his name whenever she hears me do it)
book (she brings us books constantly, and would read all day long)
night night
She will also count to 3

Basically, she's like a little parrot. She repeats a lot of the things you say, and is always talking. She has a favorite show on tv called In the Night Garden. I don't know if all of you know this show, but it's basically like a teletubbies kind of show. She LOVES this show. We watch it all day long it seems. She know all of the characters, and the first thing she does when she wakes up is say "iggle piggle" (which is the name of the main character). She also knows Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka who she calls Pakka Pakka, Tombliboos who she calls boos, and everything else on the show. She's afraid of some of the characters though, and she will come running out of her room saying their names. So sad, but so cute! In fact, one night we went on a bike ride and she fell asleep as usual. When we got home, she was out cold. As a test, we turned on one of her iggle piggle toys, and those noises he makes woke her up instantly. She was super excited to see him and in her little tired voice, she just kept repeating his name. I need to take some pictures of her with her toys. She loves them!

Well I think that's all for now. My new goal it to write once a week for my family history, regardless if I have pictures to post! We'll see how that goes!

So since I've taken about 10 pictures in total in the past 2 months, I'm adding these that Heather took. We're very grateful to Heather for documenting our lives way better than we do it! This was Claire's first time in a swing. She wasn't too sure at first, but once we put my coat in behind her and she felt more secure, she LOVED it!! As you can see!


Meagan Cooper said...

Melin, I have some very fond memories of you from girls camp. You will have so much fun! Claire is getting cuter everytime i see her. what a doll.

Jeni said...

yes you suck at updating.
but claire is soooo cute~ AND I love your shirt Mel!!
cant wait for more updates cause I miss you!

Emily said...

she is so excited in that swing! look at that grin, so cute! you can now include Emily in her list of names! hooray! :) claire is adorable, i love watching her learn and grow! i can't wait to have more fun this summer!!! i'm praying my kids sleeping routine will kick in quickly and we can get out and do more in the evening without worrying about falling asleep!

Amber said...

glad to hear that you are going to post again!!! claire is adorable. She looks like she is going to be tall like you.

kandicejill said...

Ah I love that little girl so much! I love when she smiles huge like in some of those pictures on the swing! And whats even cuter is her little voice when she talks! I can't wait till she learns my name -- ooh the disadvantage of living away from everyone :(

Can't wait to see you guys this week! :D