Tuesday, October 07, 2008

We're home!

So, it's been an alarming amount of time since I posted last...I know...I stink. But there's been a ton going on I guess. Well we moved back home the first of September, and while it was sad to leave my parents, it's been really nice to be a real family for the first time! We love having a room for Claire, and so much more space to spread out in. We also got a new car FINALLY! We got a Mazda 5, and I couldn't be any happier! It's just perfect for our little family. We always seem to need to haul stuff around, and this makes it totally possible!

I got released from Young Women's, and I was so sad. It stinks, but what are you going to do? Michael was released from Young Men's too, and is now a Sunday School teacher. I got a new calling, but haven't been sustained yet.

Our trip to Europe has been postponed until we don't know when, so we're enjoying our little house even more now knowing we don't have to move again right away. The trip is still going to happen I'm told, but we just don't know when. So for me, that means, it's not going to happen! We'll see though I guess.

We're heading down to Kalispell this weekend with Lara and Sean. We're pretty excited to go! It should be fun, and a great opportunity to gain some more weight...I'm always looking for good ways to do that! Ha. With such cheap ice cream, how can you not? Anyway, I have posted a ton today, and I'm hoping that now my life has settled down, I can continue to post more often.


Ryan & Jess said...

Isn't it nice to feel like your life is a little bit more in order? I'm so happy for you guys - back home, new car, cute little baby...PERFECT!!

Heather Ward said...

I just freaking LOOOOVE HER!