Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New food

Well she LOVES rice cereal, and when we first brought in Arrowroot cookies, it was no suprise that she would love those too! I mean, I love them! When we introduced vegetables for the first time however, the response was NOT so good.

Here Claire is trying to get a job advertising for these cookies. I love how she's holding it just so you can see the name of the cookie!

And here is her first taste of peas!

Not such a fan.

This one is the best because you can actually SEE the peas flying out of her mouth! It was hilarious. She doesn't like peas or green beans, but everything else, she's good with now!
This is the face she makes when she's NOT going to let ANYTHING else in there. So funny!


kandicejill said...

Hah I love that face in the last picture! So funny!