Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finally some new pictures

She's recently started to get curious about food. EVERYTHING goes to the mouth.
This is 4 months old.
This is an outfit that Nana got her. I just LOVE this bandana. Jaclyn has the same outfit and we need to get a picture of them together. Claire is almost out of the outfit already.

This is especially for you Kandice, even though you'll be home so fast.


kandicejill said...

Finally finally FINALLY some pictures. Those little girls grow up way too fast for me to miss out on 3 months of their life -- at least with *cough*regular*cough* pictures I don't have to feel like I'm necessarily gone for that long at a time. That's a hint incase you missed it -- REGULAR updates so I can see these beautiful little girls grow! Love the pics though! Still wanna see the video of her laughing if you have it!

Emily said...

we totally need to do a photoshoot of our babies!! why don't we just do it? what's wrong with us?

Heather Ward said...

YEEEYYY! I'm so excited to see new pics of her! She is SOOO cute. I just want to squeeze and kiss her! I can't wait to see her next week (and you guys too!) :) I love that picture of her in the hottub. So cute that she sucks her fingers. I wish I was there to watch her grow. It makes me sad that I'm missing it. So I have to admit...I hope you guys do not go to Europe and then in January we will all be together again! :)