Thursday, July 17, 2008

The bunny and her bunny

I got this bunny for her a while ago, and she just LOVES it. She holds onto it all of the time, and sucks on it whenever she can.


kandicejill said...

What an appropriate stuffed animal to get her -- love the little bunnies!

Emily said...

she is so cute with her bunny! i love that she has a bunny and that she wears bunnies too. i've been calling her bunny for the past couple of days with jacey. i want him to call her that so bad, it's so cute! i just got jaclyn's little bunny/blanket out yesterday. i was surprised, but she started grabbing it and holding it, i didn't think she was at that stage yet. i guess it happens quicker then we realize!! we know need a matching picture of them holding their bunnies.