Sunday, March 25, 2007


On our way home from Universal, we decided to stop and see some sights. We were driving down Hollywood Blvd, and there were a bunch of people on the sidewalk looking at something, so as we drive past we try to see what it is, and there he is...John Travolta. It was the premiere of Wild Hogs! So, we drove around trying to park as fast as we could, and we got there in time to see John Travolta, and his wife, and we also saw Tim Allen, but not good enough that we could get a picture. But, it was pretty awesome! Then we walking all over looking at the stars, and the sights to see. It was pretty cool to see it all!



Emily said...

That's so cool that you saw John Travolta! What the heck was he wearing on his head? A doo-rag? And I LOVE all the stars' feet and hand prints. What an amazing thing to see! I love the ones you chose to share with everyone...legends!