Sunday, March 25, 2007

A few new changes

Well, we've made some changes around the house lately (and when I say lately, I really mean a long time ago, I just haven't blogged them) and we really like them all! We got the tv for Christmas, and the couches were a hand me down from Kevin and Cyndi, and we are both in love with them. They are so cozy compared to leather, and I was very glad to see the colors all worked out. You can't be picky when you're getting something for free, but it's also an added bonus when it look alright! The computer desk is from Lara and Sean again, and really nice to have. It looks a lot better than what we had before! The other new little area is my vinyl working spot. We got a folding table from Costco, and I got myself all set up with a nice little working station. It's nice to have all of the stuff in the same spot, and be able to come in a work on it whenever I can. Although, it's also nicer to have Heather here working on it with me, but what can ya do?

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Brooke said...

Way to go Melin! You did not disapppoint with your updates! I love the new look of your place and am totally jealous of your great hand me down furniture! :) It looks awesome! Wanna loan some of your older siblings to me for a couple years??? Glad you had so much fun in California! You guys make such a cute family!

Emily said...

Wow..the colors really do look good. That's a relief hey? Also, do you know what? Besides all the "trimmings", our living rooms are going to look very similar. Big tv, same couches, same coffee table. Pretty funny hey?

the wrights said...

WOW!!! You are so organized. You want to come down here and de clutter and organize my house?