Tuesday, May 05, 2009


We made our first trip out to the condo a few weeks ago with Heather and Gannon. I always forget just how much I love it out there. It was so nice to do nothing all day long, and then eat good food at the end! Heather took some more pictures for us out there, and they were so cute I couldn't decide what to leave out, so I didn't really leave any! Claire loved the pool, and strolling along main street. Can't wait for more trips out there!


Emily said...

great pictures!! claire is adorable! i so want to go there!! i don't think we're coming for the may long weekend. unless there is a miracle in our family and our kids start sleeping through the night. for more than just one random night!

KandyJill said...

I am craving the condo. I haven't been there in so long!! Those are such cute pictures!!!

Judy said...

How is it that she can be in her bathing suit in one picture and bundled up in the next? What's up with the weather up there? ;)